Christmas Shoes: Revisited

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One thought on “Christmas Shoes: Revisited”

  1. OMG wait what??? Christmas song was written in 2000?? DA FUCK?! Seriously I’m not kidding I thought it was some traditional English folk song not some religious propaganda ballad by some douchebags from Georgie, I mean I only ever read the lyrics when I heard it namedropped somewhere but come on this song might have been legit in Charles Dickens time but in 2000?? I heard that America doesn’t exactly have the best wellfare sytsem in the world but you should think that the state makes sure that all children are suficiently dresses and that everyone can afford some fucking shoes, to say otherwise would seem overly critical and that’s coming from little Miss German, leftist liberal , seriously I thought I was being harsh towards America!^^ So I guess what I’m trying to say is that since it was not written sometime in the 19th century the whole “helping the needy” part seems very forced and it feels more like religious propaganda than “A Christmas Carol”. So basically I’m now disappointed in a song I didn’t really know in the first place, kinda makes me wish I never heard it ’cause the music is lame and the vocals SUCK! Yeah, I’m glad you trashed it! (=

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