The Truth Behind “The Truth Behind Rock and Roll”

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36 thoughts on “The Truth Behind “The Truth Behind Rock and Roll””

  1. Notice how he is using a Mac when Steve Jobs was a known Buddhist. Looks like someone is going to Hell for giving money to Apple.

      1. I believe that hell is on earth. It makes sense if you think about it. Why would people be getting murdered, robbed, etc? There’s evil in everybody, it’s just your decision whether you want to act upon it. I believe that there is a heaven, though. I don’t know if I believe in God because there’s no proof of God. People say Jesus Christ is God.

        I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’d thought I’d share.

  2. It pisses me off how so many people need a god or religion as a get-out clause for any of their wrong-doings in life. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and realising: “Hey you know what? My self-destructive lifestyle is also hurting those around me. I need to either cut this shit out or moderate my habit.” But no. Some are so weak-minded and submissive that they need a 2000 year old book to MAKE them see that they’ve fucked up in life. I know to some people moderation isn’t ‘rock n roll’ but it’s at least a way to avoid a pulsing hangover or a scathing talking-to by a friend you messed up the night before.

    1. I’d say its more because people are starting to think for themselves or just not caring about religion rather than dealing with people like this. I became an atheist because I started doing research on it and religion.

  3. Just a quick fact check. Blacks could actually vote in 1952, the Klan just made it pretty much impossible. Sorry for nitpicking.

  4. the beggining with his biography on alister crowley is total utter bs. 2ndly, who says the spirit that “posessed” tori amos wasnt just her dead grand mother? love how they always jump straight to a demon.. anyways from what the bible old and new testament as well as the book of genesis i would much rather be confronted by a demon then an angel.. angels are worse than demons. oh and as for “it became all about satan” if he were to do his research like hes supposed to, satan walked away from “god” his father because god gave man free will and they didn’t and we forced to bend over and love the humans regardless and satan wouldn’t take that and told god basically fuck you. satan did not become selfish of betray his father, his father betrayed him.

  5. it’s funny that they fear nudity, even though their bible basically say we only started wearing cloths when we entered an impure mind set. Also their constant attempts to say modern society is evil, yet they constantly uphold to standard gender codes, and moralities of modern times (during biblical times morals were a great deal different then they are now, like slave ownership was and betting and raping women was alright, oh and don’t forget all the incest guys like this like to ignore in their bible) these guys probably don’t even know what critical thinking is, they take everything at face value and put it into one of two bins good or evil.

  6. dude shutthe Hell up.. ur gay and your an athiest. Know JESUS is true. and you’re a fool if you keep on doing this mess . dont be an idiot.

    1. I love it when people who claim to be Christians slander others and cuss and swear like little children, then throw the name Jesus around like it’s a fucking pokemon and expect others to tremble in fear.

      Please, for the love of your God, just stop. You’re making my friends, who are actually decent Christians, look bac <_<

  7. It’s funny, he says that DRUM magazine(s) have cussing and them talking about partying and what not. It’s funny, i’ve been a drummer for about 15 years now, and i’ve been reading drum mags for that long and it’s a rare occasion when they do that. They mainly talk about gear and technique, stuff like that.

  8. How the fuck does We’re Young and We’re Beautiful glorify nudity? As if anything is wrong with nudity.

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