Mues Reviews: Kidz Bop 21


21 thoughts on “Mues Reviews: Kidz Bop 21”

  1. just saw your video and wanted to ask you when get back after those weeks off, can you do another Billboard review? by then most, if not all of the songs you last reviewed should be out by then, and that’ll give you space for another review. please consider it.

  2. Every one knows that kids bop is not quality music. Why do you have to search to find the worst music possible to review? Why can’t you give positive reviews?

    1. Oh Mike you ignorant fool. Don’t you know that negative reviews are so much more fun than positive reviews? It is Internet Reviewer Law!
      I’m just overreacting of course (That is Internet commenter law). I would like to see some more positive reviews too since Mues has done a few in the past and as for this video, of course it’s not quality music. It’s fucking Kidz Bop! What do you expect? Gotye?

    2. Because most people find negative reviews more entertaining. And, if you ask me, Mues has been TOO nice lately, especially on his last Billboard review.

  3. Hey, Mues. Can you post the video where you rag on (primarily) country album art?

    “It’s the same dumb hat, covering the same stupid eye!”

    1. By child, I’m assuming he means someone born after 2000. As Ok Computer came out in what, like ’97. I myself wasn’t alive for Pablo Honey, which was mediocre anyway, but I was about one years old by the time The Bends came out.

      Yeah, I remember seeing Kidz (with a Z, let’s just teach our youth more bad grammar)Bop ads when I was very little. At the time they were covering Brittney Spears and The Backstreet Boys and even then I found the Kids voice annoying.

      Great review as always Mues! And enjoy your break!

  4. I call crap, I’m twelve and Radiohead are one of my favourite bands! Also, one of my friends likes radiohead, so there.
    (Most others don’t know who they are unfortunately.)

  5. Hey Mues,
    In the past, you have said that you didn’t like Coldplay. I hated them too. Until I heard their latest album, Mylo Xyloto. Give it a shot.

  6. Madonna–Girl Gone Wild, please review.
    I feel like she saw Lady Gaga and said: Hey! That’s my Shitck! And she came out with this haf-assed song that looks like a Lady Gaga rip-off, of a Madonna rip-off…if that makes any sense. Madonna has become a parody of herself.

  7. Muse you gotta do a review on Madona. The bitch won’t give it up and I would like to hear you rant on this pop granny that refuses to accept that she is WAYYY past her prime and what little talent she had is long gone.

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