Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” Review


17 thoughts on “Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” Review”

  1. awesome video. I love the reference to the old reviews of Justin Bieber at the beginning of the video. Made me lol XD

  2. Recycled, corporate…The most common complaint for much of Pop music today. But…I can see why….It’s a recipe that has hooked 12-13 year old girls in the past, and will always work on them.

    For those of us that are repulsed by this…We’re not 12 year old girls. At least not the kind that would get suckered by the Bieb’s Bishonen looks. Giving a shout out to the 12 year old Girls that stand as an exception to the rule.

  3. Lol, great review, personally, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of jb, reteens are going to eat this stuff up like candy.

    Please reveiw Madonna’s newest single, girl gone wild.

  4. It’s Finally happening. Justine Beaver is starting to fall. Soon her career will go up in flames and 100000000 people will shit themselves so much that they’ll rocket through the roof in excitement

  5. He’s Gay. Duh. Look at the god damn title. If he was straight, why would he make a song called “Boyfriend”?!?! “Girlfriend” makes sense if he was straight like his fangirls claim, but really?!

  6. Okay mistaken way of looking at it but still i cannot take his rapping seriously. Swaggie? Really, Bieber?! Swaggie?!!?

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