Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Album Review


26 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Album Review”

  1. I really liked this review, mostly because you seemed to really tried to be fair. Looking forward to your next review.

    I think that she’s only trying this ‘bisexual’ angle not because she is but it’s ‘cool to be’ nowadays, I guess.

  2. I’m sorry Nas, but the don of New York City doesn’t make bullshit pop music with Nicki Minaj… Sellout faggot…

    1. If you’re calling anyone a sellout faggot then you better be talking about Nicki’s ass. Other than that, go kill yourself you fucking retard

  3. What did you think of the new Soundgarden single? I thought it sounded like Audioslave, and nothing like Soundgarden.

  4. You mentiond 2 chainz, he sucks balls!! He’s a local rapper here in Atlanta and was going by the name “Tity Boi”, yes “Tity Boi”. He changed it to 2 chainz and has been releasing shitty songs since.

  5. i can honestly say that this album just goes right along with the other pop trash albums i won’t even touch. they all sound the same they all have the same content and it’s just a shame that hip hop has gone down the dumps.

  6. You said Biggie and Slick Rick were great storytellers, like both of them were dead. Slick Rick is still alive! As for Nicki, I can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be up! Shit, she’s at 23 minutes already. Don’t tell me she is going to be a big name for another ten or more years?

  7. My two cents on this ah when is pop gonna stop being a bunch of glittery words? Is it all about people being on some tripy bullshit and doing what they think is representing And how they deem themselves? Did they believe in self confidence to much or what ? I agree with a lot of comments said. one in particular even though i knew he would do it anyway (Nas). Also who gave them the kill switch to produce this where are all the censor companies? away trying to stop some good independent label or have they just been strapped down to not say anything i don’t understand the world of today still. It just changed to wrong and dumb from what it used to be me kind of depresing because i know this is gonna be revenued a lot and everyone is gonna feed into the bull shit. Don’t get me wrong i don’t like the censor bastards either but still how is this even considered music it just sounds like a bunch shit mixed with more shit and if you like this i want to tell you this cause this ho is a stupid hoe who probley thought she could make songs and get anyone to buy by believing in that bullshit its about who you know. I just wish that the industry of music had a reset button to start over this cluster fuck of evolution of music.fuck wheres my rant video? I could rave and rant like a tower house just give me a subject 🙂 sadly…

  8. Incredible Review. It seems like you really studied the cd and made a lot of good points. I’d like to see more of your reviews in the future.

  9. Got to live people generalizing pop music in the comments. Not all pop music is the shitty crap you hear on top 40. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis and Sara Bareilles aren’t to be lumped in with Justin Bieber anymore than you can’t lump any great indie rock band with Linkin Park.

    1. Thank you! (although I honesty wouldn’t consider Regina Spektor pop) Finally someone who understands that all genre’s are multi-layerd. All that bullshit that’s popular on the radio is NOT all their is to pop music or rap music. As a matter of fact, it actually represents a small portion. I think the internet has a lot to do with it when it really comes down to it. Great pop acts like Amiee Mann for example, don’t need to chart well to say albums anymore. If they can find a niche audience welling to buy their things, they can make a decent living. Because of this however, good acts barely make it on the radio and when they do their popularity in the mainstream is short lived. I think that’s why radio seems SO shitty now, there is very little to no variety. Also, I’ve never heard of Jenny Lewis but now I am curious to look into her.

  10. I really dont think she is bi-sexual. Plus its in insult to bi-sexual people like me that really do like both and not just doing it to get attention.

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