Billboard Top 10 April 2012 Review


58 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 April 2012 Review”

  1. I agree with you on a’lot of these, a’lot of pre summer pop trash coming out lately. However Somebody that I used to know kind of grew on me.

  2. Payphone featured Wiz Khalifa, not B.O.B.
    I’m glad to hear that you hate Gotye. That song is so god damn over played.
    On the radio every day, #1 on the Billboard charts, top 5 on iTunes, a good million views on YouTube every day. It’s too much!

  3. We, in Australia, had that somebody I used to know song in our top 10 last year. When the chorus came around for the first time I heard it I was at a friends place and we started laughing so much because it is so quiet until it erupts into a big, not understandable, mess of 80’s vocals and acoustic guitar you’d hear as the background to play school.

  4. Thank you for not praising “We Are Young.” Everyone I know loves the song, but I simply do not see why. I think it’s a song that tries to be fun, (no pun intended) but in the slowest, most boring, laziest way possible.

  5. That “we die young” song at first, I heard it in the car commercial where the driver did a “kickflip” with the car over a giant skateboard, I thought “that doesn’t sound so bad”, but I didn’t think to look for it. Then the next time I hear that part, it’s the car commercial, but with people having fun or whatever, then it got a little annoying. Not so much to make me hate it, just annoyed like forgetting to do something annoyed. But then the song was being played everywhere… Along with that annoying Flo Rida song being overplayed… *Gunshot, body falls to the ground*

  6. why is it that a song has to be overoverOVERfuckingplayed to be a hit? will I like the damn song that I hated when I listen to it for the 100th time? I dont think so

  7. I’m glad that Gotye is No 1 in America. He was creeping his way up the charts and I thought he might make it to the top spot before realising the short attention span of the average pop listener. I couldn’t disagree with you more Mues. His album Making Mirrors is one of my favourite albums of recent times and I’m glad someone like him made it to the top of the charts. Never would I have thought that you would have had more positive things to say about One Fucking Direction than Gotye. In my mind, the talented Australian Indie musician beats out the bland, British X Factor product any day of the week.

  8. You lost me as soon as you said you hated STIUTK.

    You didn’t get it. You didn’t even mention Kimbra’s verse, even though it’s really what makes the song so potent.

    And “whiny”? Are singers just not allowed to be sad anymore without somebody calling them emo pussies? Gotye’s talking about how a girl who used to be his entire world is now completely breaking off all ties with him. How is that not a tragic situation?

    Not to mention the fact that I could hear Gotye just fine during the verses, so I don’t know why you’re complaining about him singing too softly.

    Normally you’re right on target, Mues, but… ugh.

    1. The lyrics in Gotye’s song are whiny and petulant. Kimbra’s verse makes him sound like even more of a controlling asshole, but he still doesn’t seem to get why she wouldn’t want to talk to him, as the lyrics remain unchanged in the chorus. So yeah, being bitchy and childish lyrically with no redeeming factors will score pretty low with a lot of people. I do wish, however, that he (Mues) had addressed the second verse and also the Janelle Monae cameo on “We Are Young” which YOU CAN BARELY HEAR. Why fun. (it’s actually probably not they’re fault, but whoever produced and mixed it) had to drown her nice voice out with those obnoxious “na na na” vocals will forever remain a mystery to me.

      1. “The lyrics in Gotye’s song are whiny and petulant. Kimbra’s verse makes him sound like even more of a controlling asshole, but he still doesn’t seem to get why she wouldn’t want to talk to him, as the lyrics remain unchanged in the chorus.”

        That’s. The. Point.

        The Kimbra part is a counterpoint to that. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but saying the song accomplishes what it sets out to do as a negative strikes me as absurd.

  9. “It souds like a speech you’d hear at a high school graduation.”

    I found this hilarious because the theme/slow dance song of this year’s prom at my high school is ‘We Are Young’, and everyone’s been playing the shit out of this song everywhere lately…

  10. I’m biased, I’ll admit, because they played “Wild Ones” and “We Are Young” at WrestleMania XXVIII, which I went to, so I like those songs because they remind me of that night. But, I actually don’t mind “Somebody That I Used To Know”. At all.

    And hipsters only use Instagram? Everyone I know uses it and they’re not hipsters! lol

  11. I happily have not been listening to pop radio for over a year, and I don’t know half of these bands, and only heard the fun tune once or twice (namely through the parody “We Aren’t Young”). But I must say that I am happy to see some new blood on the pop charts, and not the same old Beyonce KatyPerry Gaga LilWayne Drake Nikki Minaj Kanye JayZ B.O.B gang. BTW I don’t think that anyone would argue that early Beatles was Boy Band Superficial (But it was a hell of a lot better than that One Way jam. So were most of N’Sync’s hits.)

    1. im just wondering, what would mues be able to say about ‘hot problems’? because it’s actually a parody/joke song- double take actually said so on gma. now, if they were trying to be taken seriously, like rebecca black was…then i think he might have more to say on the subject

  12. I…seriously thought you would like that song.

    You don’t know shit! You only considers music good when it’s oldschool rock or some random nobody playing guitar and singing acoustic songs.


    This is why I prefer theneedledrop. He doesn’t talk about music he hates. 80% of the artists he reviews are completely unknown to me, but that’s a good way to discover new music. Bashing new music used to be cool at some point. Now it’s just getting annoying.

  13. I enjoy Foster the People, I find it fresh and interesting. Songs like Houdini and Life on the Nickle were great, but others like Miss You were kind of, well, meh. It gave me hope in Indie getting Radio play. I wish that I could hear something more like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and pre 2011 Kasabian (the new album was really bland and sounded to weak for me). Oh and have you got an opinion on the Arctic Monkeys albums ‘Humbug’ and ‘Suck It and See’?

  14. I don’t have much to say. You’re wrong about Gotye. Other comments have pretty much summed up my feelings. And One Direction is a piece of commercial pop shit, a PRODUCT. And also, nothing compared to NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

  15. Are u saying that One Direction(straight 2 Hell Hopefully) r better than N’Sync? Dude U may look like a crack head, but I didn’t think u were actually on it.

  16. one of those guys from one direction looks like mid 60s mick jagger…dont worry thats where the comparison ends

  17. So you don’t mind “One Direction’s” single…. but you don’t like “Somebody that I used to Know”?…. Your opinion like, but I completely disagree. I mostly hate mainstream music, but actually thought this was abit different for your bog standard mainstream pop song.

  18. Why the hell is everybody saying positive things about NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and Maroon 5? They’re all awful. They all suck. It’s all commercial, mainstream, bullcrap.

  19. You were too nice on these song reviews don’t hold back if the song sucks let em have it with a crazy rant!

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