Katy Perry “Part of Me” Review



23 thoughts on “Katy Perry “Part of Me” Review”

  1. Great review as usual, Mues. But when it comes to the part about how her boyfriend knew she enlisted, it could have been her family/friends told him. It’s a stretch (and involved digging into a giant “what if?”) but it could have been someone else.
    Regardless, it’s still asinine.

  2. Hey you should make a video on what you think about the new punk’d episodes, or just you opinion in general.

  3. Alex Jones said it was “New World Order” propaganda that was trying to defeminize women, thought I’d share that.

    This is an ARMY promotional video – there’s only one thing to be promoted here – THE ARMY

    1. The Marine Corps is a completely separate military branch from the Army. If you call a Marine a soldier, say he is in the Army, he will not be pleased as there is a friendly competition between the five branches, which are Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce and Coast Guard.

  5. And men too Ryan, because over the past years ive seen some guys…that actually made my dick hard lol they looked exactly like gorgeous women, think its part of some androgynous feminize, men, agenda, Bisphenol A and hormones in water bottles, food, etc are feminizing men, and i think its very accelerated in Japan.

    1. Very true indeed; don’t forget the female growth hormones that are put in hens to make them grow faster with bigger breasts.

    Its obvious that you are not familiar with subliminal propaganda.
    They did not plaster stickers and posters all over the video because that would be too obvious – so they use subliminal methods.
    If you never did any research on subliminal propaganda – and you obviously have not – then you would never notice what’s really going on in this video.
    You did pick up on one hint though – all the other products are turned upside-down in the gas station for a REASON.
    These things are not done by coincidence MUES. Do some research on subliminal propaganda.

    1. Research shows that most subliminal propaganda simply doesn’t work. There are methods to “prime” people, but they are few, and they normally have no such specific effect like causing to join the Marines.

      1. It doesn’t have to be subliminal or have the marines logo. The women are training at boot camp, and wearing camouflage. What else would be ringing through people’s heads looking at that besides “U.S. Military” whether it be Army or marines. I’m sure the military doesn’t care which branch kids flock to after watching this video. As long as they enlist.

  7. What really shocked me was when i seen “Thinking Of You” (the 3rd single from her first album) was COMPLETELY written by Katy Perry, and nobody else. You unfortunately rarely see that with top 40 artists. (Lady Gaga’s “You & I” was only written by Lady Gaga too!)

  8. i know I’m a little late but, do a review of: “do ya thing” by Gorillaz ft . Andre 3000 and James Murphy.

  9. This video annoys me. First of all, you cannot join the military on a whim. It is a very long, paperwork-intensive process. My brother talked to recruiters for well over a month before getting to sign anything when he enlisted.
    Also, I’ve been getting sick of people complaining about various things being military propaganda when they actually put the military in an extremely negative light, e.g. this video and Michael Bay films. This video has Katy Perry as a broken person who ran off to join the military to hide from her problems. And this is supposed to be empowering?

    Also, study after study have been conducted and repeatedly and definitively have shown subliminal advertising to be complete bunk.

  10. Wow I’m Ex Army and even I was insulted seeing Katy in a pretend Marine Corp training camp, personally she wouldn’t last 5 mins in the Corp, 2nd of there is no Co Ed Marine Corp training and woment don’t fight on the front lines

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