“Birthday Cake” by Rihanna feat. Chris Brown Review


15 thoughts on ““Birthday Cake” by Rihanna feat. Chris Brown Review”

  1. What’s really disturbing is the “icing” they speak of…. especially since she says he wants to “put his name on it” and “lick the icing off”… the mental image I get isn’t even sexy, it’s just… disgusting =\ lol. And I didn’t even know that was Chris Brown “rapping” in the song… wow, I just assumed it was some no talent new artist hoping to get noticed for being in a Rihanna song.

  2. Honestly, I really really dislike Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna and not even apologizing for that. And it’s worse by the fact that the latest song featuring Chris Brown is on Mother’s Day today. D:

  3. I saw her perform the song live on SNL. Everytime she sang “cake”, her and her back up dancers would rub their vaginas. So, I’m assuming cake in this instance means the vagina.

  4. I’ve never really been a fan of Rihanna, because she seems pretty disingenuous about her image. Seems like every new album or single I see/hear she has a new style, like she’s just a blank canvas to be marketed whichever way is seen most profitable at the time.

    It’s also INCREDIBLY DISTASTEFUL and inappropriate for Chris Brown to be in any songs with her, let alone one about “licking her birthday cake” and fucking her.

  5. Mainstream music is all fucking shit. Its all sex, money, and drugs and other dumb shit. I can’t wait for this shit to die.

  6. The version without Chris is good, but Chris took a catchy song and basically made it disturbing to listen to. The album version without him is awesome, although it does feel like a demo version waiting for a feature (which I wish wasn’t Chris Brown).

  7. JHC, I almost got sick half way through that review. I knew she was twisted but between her and Minaj their stuff lately is downright unadulterated filth. Imagine bringing up kids who actually enjoyed listening to that shit, ugh that’d kill me a little inside.

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