“Back In Time” by Pitbull Review


17 thoughts on ““Back In Time” by Pitbull Review”

  1. That dubstep part made me facepalm hard at the same time with mues and I bet everyone did. Number2bull, please, you get back in time and stay there, maybe the past would get lucky and have you trapped inside the… walls of time in a pit of number 2’s. JS.

  2. It’s a fun song, although Pitbull is very goofy on this song (“I don’t give a number two” Really?) The dubstep breakdown doesn’t really fit in but it sounds good. Plus, the sample is awesome. Better than the songs Will Smith did for MiB imo. Pitbull is basically trying to race against Lil’ Wayne for who can do songs with the most people. I’d give the song 8/10, it would be 8.5 if the dubstep bit didn’t seem tacked on as while it may be awesome, the song didn’t need it.

    So overall: Pitbull’s ridiculous, but somehow makes good pop music, even if it doesn’t really fit.

  3. Mues, you know people remember The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air more for Carlton than Will, right? The Carlton Dance is a pop culture staple. Carlton even has his own T-Shirt! Will was the straight man.

    I’m not sure if the love for Fresh Prince is genuine or ironic either, I just know that more ’90s TV shows deserve the love that it gets.

    Where’s the appreciation for Boy Meets World!? Salute Your Shorts!? Family Matters!?

  4. Fuck Dubstep, fuck pitbull, fuck all these asshole who destroyed EDM Music, and before I forget, Fuck David Guetta

  5. Don’t get mad but I love some dubstep tracks, and yet I watch your vids mues since few years.
    Ofc. it’s not only kind of music I’m listening to and I agree this song didn’t need it but why people rage over dubstep so much ?

  6. TBH, I’d listen to Will Smith 500 times before listening to Pitbull.

    I really don’t know how to feel about the Dubstep part. It doesn’t sound *bad* per se, but… it’s so shoehorned in.

  7. The movie is actually fairly decent. It’s not as good as the first but it’s way better than the second.

    As for this song, it was lame. I didn’t even know that it was Pitbull singing it. He sounds so generic and unoriginal that I’m surprised people even know who he is!

  8. WOW, such negative thoughts on such a good song. What are you all talking about??? This song is the bomb! Yeah, sure, it may have some odd switches between some rapping to singing to dubstep, but this is my theory on why Pitbull created this song in this way in the first place. He must have been thinking that if he puts different types of music in the song, he would be able to catch different types of listeners to get this song. And in my opinion, Pitbull did a great job on doing this. Don’t be haters!

    BTW, I listen to any song with dubstep. Only if the song has a very good beat drop in the first place. This song has a very good drop indeed!!!

  9. Ha, Todd In The Shadows just recently reviewed this. Now if only Rap Critic collaborated with you, now all of my favorite music reviewers would have had a take on this song.

  10. Pitbull…the piece of shit shovenist who can’t come up with anything original. I agree Mues. He thinks he’s hot shit with that court suit and those pathetic looking sunglasses on. Not to mention, his ”raps” are terribly embarrassing and un-thought out. He’s in it for the money and if not, well…he could of fooled me. Where will this joke be in 10 to 20 years? Successful wise; probably living in 3 different mansions in Malibu with girls coming out of his ass but star wise; he’ll be another one of those ”hasbeens” who’ll just be mocked and made fun of for the rest of his life. Keep making your laughable party anthemed pop songs while you’re young. You’ll be nothing in a while.

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