Billboard Top 10 Summer 2012 Review



19 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 Summer 2012 Review”

  1. Thank you for finally telling the truth about that dumb ass Demi lovato song. It sucks and she sucks. Could you make a rant about her and how she is using her problems to advance her career?

  2. Yeaa doesn’t really pronce anything right. Like in wild ones, you thought she said “wolfs” and you saif she should say wolves. She said whips :p

  3. Great video but there is something you said that confused me.

    You said that the singles from last year of the same week, except How to love by lil wayne, feel and sound like summer songs, but you didn’t include lighters as an exception as well; I don’t see people having fun with a depressing orchestral beat, with Eminem and Royce da 5’9 bragging about how much better they are, while Bruno Mars is on the chorus singing about living out one’s dream despite being told otherwise.

  4. Speaking of Katy Perry, I like her I really do, but look at the writing credits for her 2nd album Teenage Dream. Most of them include her and 3-6 people. Then look at her 1st album One Of The Boys. Three songs only written by her (one was a single), and most of the others had only one other writer (for the music mostly). It’s really kind of sickening.

    Nice video Mues 🙂

    1. While I fucking hate Katy Perry, I totally agree with you. It’s all because Ms. Perry has her roots as a more traditional singer-songwriter.

  5. That moog-sounding section in Rihanna’s song is hardly Dubstep. More like a generic electro riff that has to be in every pop song these days.

  6. Nice review Mues. Although I must admit, I was a bit lost when you switched songs so abruptly. Next time, can you put the names of the songs when you start talking about them please?

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that Rihanna song sounds exactly like that David Guertta/ Nicky Minaj song?

  7. Haha, good call on Fun and Disney. Disappointed in the switch to bi-weekly (or fortnightly, in the Queen’s English) reviews. I quite enjoy them and liked to tune in for a new one every week.

  8. “Lights” is really catchy, I actually think “Wide Awake” is pretty cool, “Call Me Maybe” is kinda catchy, & it’s great to know it’s catchy enough to keep Justin Beaver’s girly shit a chance to even play (how the mighty have faaaaaallen).

    Who knew Rihanna still had relevance on the Billboards, I thought that gutter slut’s career died sometime ago.

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