MUES Reviews: Kidz Bop 22


14 thoughts on “MUES Reviews: Kidz Bop 22”

  1. The “my love for you went viral” line is supposedly means that he filmed them having secks and uploaded it to a porn site…
    Not sure if you knew that…

  2. I Hate Someone I used to know, but the Kids just sound worse together than the original, but the music is even worse so I may agree with you

  3. I agree with you except on Gotye having a bad voice and that the kidz bop version is better.I seriously don’t know why you have such a big problem with gotye’s song its way better than most of the songs that came out this year I mean you fucking said “lights” was a good song i mean WTF that was one of the worse songs this year

  4. Haha, I don’t think “We Are Young” is meant to evoke domestic abuse. Or at least I hope it isn’t. Guessing he means “emotional” scars.

  5. Muse, why do you bother reviewing these crappy kidz bob cds? When little kids cover shitty songs with censored lyrics, of course it is going to be terrible. Are there really so few albums out there that you have to review children’s compilation albums?

    1. Okay, I just looked you up and found your YouTube AND the proof you worked on Kidz Bop 22. In all honesty, you aren’t that bad for your age. However, I still stand by my statements about the album. Could you share more information about what all goes into making a Kidz Bop album so I could gain more respect for the franchise?

  6. Ok, here’s why I think they changed the line in Drive By. In today’s lingo, viral means to get popular on the internet. I’m pretty sure they thought “my love for you went viral” meant a video of them fucking got popular, so they tried getting rid of that thought (though wild wasn’t the best fix). But I think the better question is why there’s a Kidz Bop version of Drive By? It’s about having sex with someone, leaving after it happens, and coming back a while later to make a relationship out of it. Not really a topic parents would be comfortable with.

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