“As Long As You Love Me” Justin Bieber vs. Backstreet Boys


15 thoughts on ““As Long As You Love Me” Justin Bieber vs. Backstreet Boys”

  1. Good review Mues! I personally prefer Backstreet’s version (I grew up with them and I’m totally biased I think), but I do recognize and agree with your points. I was singing along with BSB’s version and to be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about what they were saying. That’s kinda sad. Still like them though. It’s a bit hard to get rid of the nostalgia goggles. They still make albums now btw, but I haven’t heard that many of their new songs.

    As for why Brian got that solo, I’ve noticed a trend with them when they started out. The main singers were Brian and Nick, with AJ sometimes getting a part. You never really heard Howie or Kevin get their own part until ‘I want it that way’ on their second album. It’s gotten a little better now on their later albums (at least I can say that I know what Kevin and Howie sound like individually. I’ve never heard Lance, Chris or Joey have their own part in N*SYNC).

    That’s what I believe, at any rate.

  2. Normally I’d comment on Youtube, but I couldn’t find any video on youtube about it, so here goes –

    I take the opposite approach to music. Sure, Justin Bieber may be listed under the credits… but at least the Backstreet Boys song was written by ONE PERSON. I’m getting sick of a billion people getting writer’s credits, like “oh, I wrote this one verse, I get 20% of the profit now!”

    Personally, I think artists should entirely write their OWN material, with no outside help. But if producers are going to get their grubby fingers on music, I’d prefer it be one person than a team of people. A team of people can make something only barely better than one guy? And personally, I think the Backstreet Boys song is better. And I hate both of them.

    1. Well…..that’s not really gonna happen. The traditional Singer-Songwriter in the likes of Carole King and Carly Simon co-wrote with other people. Plus, sometimes it’s easier to have other people to bounce off with. That also doesn’t make the music any less personal.

  3. Nice review, but Bieber’s song just annoys the fuck out of me. The production is annoying, I really don’t like dupstep and have no idea why it’s making it into pop music. Plus, I wanna smack Big Sean in the god damn face.

  4. mues does have a point that max martin is fucking annoying and writes sucky songs but at least bsb’s song has nice vocals and harmony’s and when bsb sings live its actually LIVE their harmony’s are undeniably good while bieber is pretty bad live

  5. I thought BSB were awesome back in the day. Despite their songs being commonly aimed towards junior high-college girls, they were songs with catchy beats & the guys could ACTUALLY SING & catch my attention unlike Bieber. Songs like “Rock Your Body” really get me in the mood to get up & jam.

    Bieber, I’ve never liked his music & never will. This song proves to that with that shitty dubstep beat, shitty lyrics, shitty guest act & Bieber himself. Say what you want about BSB & past boy bands but I’ve never heard songs as dumb & chessy as his. Perhaps it’s b/c he always sounds like a girl, talks about stupid shit, &, like a lot of male pop acts these days, a Michael Jackson wannabe (looking at you too Jason Derulo). I dunno why he tries to come off as manly as possible too b/c he’s FAR from it. He’s been looking like a girl more & more as of late…

    Oh, & Big Sean SUCKS. All of those singles I’ve heard on the radio he’s always in that monotone voice, raps ever so poorly, & thinks he’s hot shit. “Ass, ass, ass, ass”, what’s next, “Balls, balls, balls, balls”? And I dunno why he comes off as though he has sexual prowess b/c, quite frankly Mr. Sean, with that facial hair & a big ego of yours, I HIGHLY doubt it.

    P.S. I wanna see you rip on Soldier Boy & tear him a new asshole (I refuse to type the way he spells his name like a 5 yr. old). I’ll be waiting…

      1. Bieber wasn’t broke broke but what coachairee is saying is right. I saw on the news when he first came out he was singing on the streets and they needed money from his grandparents to survive. I love your vids mues, but sometimes you need to look a bit deeper into info before judging so fast.

  6. At least BSB are catchy, and at the end of the day that’s what the majority of people really want. I’m not saying it’s a good thing but it just is what is…and have to admit, I was bopping my head to that bsb son, lol

  7. Get a different video player. Seriously, I’m getting extremely pissed off. I haven’t been able to finish a video of yours in a long time. If the video has to buffer, it completely stops the video and goes into the next one.

  8. It’s an interesting contrast, and one that’s interesting as someone who grew up with the former song and listened to all of the second (having reviewed Bieber’s newest album). Neither song is very good – even as a BSB fan, I always found ‘As Long As You Love Me’ lacking in energy. It sounded complacent and boring, and it didn’t build to anything. Bieber’s song, on the other hand, is just so obnoxious and in your face that it sours any positive opinion I might have of it, and while Big Sean gets in a few good rhymes, there’s nothing spectacular there.

    If I was making the choice between the two… eh, it’s a tough one. I like 90s production better than the dubstep shit that Bieber’s using, and I do prefer the Backstreet Boys’ harmonies over any vocal overdubbing that Bieber does. I don’t tend to come down ‘product production’ as hard because you get just as much of it today – it’s just not as obvious. And I can’t deny that Max Martin and Dr. Luke and all the rest of that group are skilled at writing catchy hooks… but the Backstreet Boys’ ‘As Long As You Love Me’ sure as hell isn’t one of them. It’s boring, it’s dreary, it slows the momentum on the album, and it just feels like you’re wallowing in bad cheesy sugar-pop.

    That being said, if I get down to a fundamental level and if I was forced to make a choice… I’d probably choose the Backstreet Boys because at least they were somewhat self-aware of the cheesy material they made, and when they did start getting songwriting credits on their albums, they were talented in their own right, sort of like what Hanson did. Bieber, on the other hand, has songwriting credits – but his song still sounds ugly and forced and far too sincere to acknowledge how bad it really is.

    Advantage, Backstreet Boys, but definitely a narrow one. Nice work on the comparative, Mues, looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Mmmmmm… I’m gonna have to say BSB’s song is just BARELY better than Bieber’s. I like Dubstep and all, and I’m glad it’s not overdone to the point of becoming Brostep, but… why Just why, producers? Dubstep has a bad enough reputation as it is without it being associated with Justin Bieber. It’s embarrassing. BSB’s song doesn’t fill me with shame like Bieber’s does, so I’m giving this one on them.

  10. You people mind others business and judge too much !!. Justin Bieber’s song is awesome and so is BSB. You all must try and stop hating on people like Justin like that. Yes the name of Justin’s song is the same as BSB… but his lyrics and video was great too. To come to think of it.. you guys are just jealous that Justin’s talented and has made it in life unlike you all spoil, brats and wanna be’s.

    Anyways… i love you BSB and Justin Bieber. Must say great work and a spectacular job well done as music artists .lol-lots of love… and.. if i had to vote between you two.. i’ll give it a tie.

    keep your heads up and keep being yourselves ..

    your loving open-minded fan,

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