Billboard Top 10 November 2012 Review


26 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 November 2012 Review”

  1. Dig the video and agree on most points, but I was a little surprised that you didn’t mention how Locked out of Heaven sounds like it’s a missing single from an album by The Police.

  2. I admit, I like the Alex Clare song, too. I agree with you about Gangnam Style. I feel like Maroon 5 is an Adam Levine solo band now. They changed so much. It’s like how Queensryche went to shit.

  3. Gangnam Style actually got Billboard to make a list of the biggest charting Number 2 hits. A list of the songs that got so close to number one. I actually consider that a feat, and it was quite an interesting list.

  4. I liked the Alex Clare song until I heard it way too much.

    Gangman Style is good, but there are so many better Korean Pop songs out there. It’s catchy but it’s sort of caused a stereotype of all Korean artists being expected to do the Gangman Style dance and be all PSY like. I’d suggest looking at groups like Brown Eyed Girls and Clover.

    Maroon 5 is a huge disappointment nowadays and Rihanna’s emotionless vocals make me cringe. Are people just afraid of genuine emotion or have they just not heard powerful singers yet? Glad to see a new Bruno Mars song has hit the Bilboard, but not my shit radio station yet.

  5. I agree with Maroon 5. They are like No Doubt these days. Seriously, Overexposed is like Rock Steady 10 years ago with shit songs like Hey Baby and Hella Good. I could imagine a male Harajuku Lovers Adam Levine would have.

    1. I know! I was excited to hear I Will Wait in the background. Mumford & Sons are one of my favorite bands at the moment. Great review as always.

  6. I heard commentary fun. did on their new album and I believe they said they used autotune/vocoder just because they liked it. They thought it sounded cool or something. I guess it was inspired by Kanye West and other uses they heard of it

  7. Really can’t stand that Gangman style song. It’s not even me trying to be “so indie” or something that I can’t like a good pop song. I really enjoy Bruno Mar’s music(to an extent) and can even take .Fun. But something about this song, I guess because I NEVER wanted to here it but I constantly have to. I also don’t understand how people claim it’s a good parody, when most don’t even know what the fuck it’s parodying. I understand the song being very witty and clever when applied to the culture is parodying but the average mainstream radio listener is to fucking stupid to actually look into it. So, even if it is a good song parody, it’s popular for all the wrong reason. Plus that beat it’s really TRYING to get stuck in your head despite you really not wanting it to.

    Yeah that Maroon five song is BORING as hell, Was Adam fucking asleep when he recorded that shit? How is it the Number #1 song in the country because whenever I play it for people, they all don’t know what the fuck this song is.

    Another great review, Mues.

    1. How could it be popular for all the wrong reasons. It is a parody of a piece of S. Korean culture that is influenced by American hip hop culture, that of excess, wealth and “flossin'”. That is universal to many culture. And how do people know that? They read the english translation of the song. There is this thing called google.

      1. Have you ever read a translation of the song, let alone one from that TERRIBLE translator? I never said theme wasn’t universal, I said people don’t know what the song is about, and it is only popular because of how catchy it is. That’s fine, I like good hooks just as much as anybody, but it such a shallow reason to like a song. Plus, it makes Psye(or however the fuck you spell his name), seem very gimmicky and makes it even more likely that he won’t have any staying power. But that’s just my opinion.

  8. I’m only a few minutes in but the Flo Rida rant was hilarious, I even sang along with you for the last one. Butta butta but but butta. Haha

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