Bowling For Soup “1985” Review


12 thoughts on “Bowling For Soup “1985” Review”

  1. I remember this song. Good times.
    Not a lot of people know this is a cover, and I’m happy you do.
    I didn’t know, however, that the lyrics were so different.

  2. IS borderline retarded. The band is a singular noun. Sheesh, if you’re going to make fun of something, at least do it right.

  3. I fixed the first verse for you:

    She just hit the wall, she never had it all/
    One Prozac a day, husband’s a CPA/
    Her dreams went out the door, by the age of 24/
    Only been with one man, settling down was not her plan/
    She was going to be an actress, she was going to be a star/
    She was going have her face, over Sunset Boulevard/
    Her yellow SUV, is now the enemy/
    Looks at her average life, and realizes that she does not have it so bad considering that her husband makes over $100k a year, she never really has to work a day in her life, and most of her goals were so far-fetched that it would take a million-to-one shot for them to come true. Not to mention, good looks only get you so far as Hollywood is filled with talent-less, pretty women.



  4. Wow. You were really nitpicking there. Really unimportant nitpicks. Why does a goofy pop song have to be exactly right in the facts? Doesn’t matter, you were wrong half the time anyway. St Elmo’s Fire was released on June 28, 1985, not 1986. Every site on the internet will tell you that. It’s perplexing why you didn’t do that simple research. I remember songs and videos from the soundtrack being played on MTV in 1985. And even if it was released in ’86, the song is alluding to an era, not the exact year. Speaking of which:

    “Springsteen, Madonna/ Way before Nirvana”
    Doesn’t matter how long their career goes on….the mid 80s–1985 in particular– was THE YEAR for acts like Madonna, Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, Prince and even Michael Jackson. That is what the song was alluding to. As for the “way before Nirvana” part, the singer’s point was that 1985 was way before Nirvana. In kids years especially.

    But I want to break it down even more: You said Nirvana released their first album in 1989. When the artists released their first albums don’t count. The band is talking about when these bands broke and the average teenage “Debbies” and Bowling For Soups knew about these acts: Madonna hit it big in 1983, Springsteen hit the mainstream in 1975 when he was on the cover of Newsweek and Time in the same week. Nirvana broke into the mainstream in 1992 with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on MTV. A decade and 17 years difference is “way before Nirvana.”

    “When did reality become TV”
    I was born in ’72 and was a TV nut and even I never heard of “American Family” until the late 80s or early 90s. I was dying to see it back then because I had never seen anything like it ( and still haven’t seen it to this day). It wasn’t shown on TV ever. The point being, that this one experimental show on PBS (that most people never heard of ) did not set off a national obsession with reality TV, like the one that existed when the band released song. The next reality shows didn’t come about until the late 80s and early 90s in “Cops” and “The Real World”, and even though they were hits, reality shows still didn’t takeover TV until “Survivor” hit CBS in primetime in 2000. That’s when “reality became TV”…. when the 3 big networks dropped a lot of scripted TV and lined primetime with cheaper reality TV shows. THAT is what the song is talking about and you know this. Yet you continued to nitpick.

    I wrote this diatribe out because I am off work this Christmas eve before Christmas Eve and you were wrong wrong wrong, for nitpicking this goofy, meant-to-be fun spoof of a song…A song that is technically correct with it’s lyrics. This doesn’t deserve the scrutiny of say, a song like Beyonce’s “Put A Ring On It”.

    I do, however, commend you for knowing about American Family, seeing as you probably weren’t even born in 1985, let alone 1972 (or 73) when AF was on the air.

    You were right about one thing, though: “When did Ozzy become an actor?” was a dumb lyric. Having his own reality show doesn’t count as being an actor. Besides, Ozzy became an actor in 1985 when he played the part of an evangelist in a horror movie called “Trick or Treat (that was released in 1986).

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