Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2012


31 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2012”

  1. I was expecting Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” to be charted since you stated the Glee AND Kidz Bop Version were better and that to me is a huge insult to any song. Not saying I like it though. It seems even Todd got your message as he starting to hate on Rihanna in his worst list.

  2. 10. Disagree. I kinda like the fact that this song is goofy. It’s not as bad as it could be.
    9. Agree. I’ve never cared for Coldplay either. I didn’t like this song.
    8. AGREE. Though I would have put this one higher.
    7. Agree. I don’t get what people see in this song. I especially hate the way he sings the verses.
    6. AGREE. I would have put this one higher as well.
    5. Agree, though I would have maybe put this one lower. There were worse songs, IMO.
    4. Agree so much. I hate the fact that Maroon 5 has changed so much.
    3. Agree, though I admit this song (the chorus, mostly) is kind of a guilty pleasure.
    2. Haven’t heard it.
    1. Agree. I honestly forgot that was from 2012.

    1. I have never heard of him before, but i looked at his review just now. First of all, I can’t stand his editing style, writing style or his delivery. If you’re referring to the songs he picked over the ones I did, I have an explanation for that. He did not go by the guidelines of only using songs found in the Billboard Year End list. Not saying there’s a “rule” or anything, but that’s just the way I compile my lists. I’m just saying we obviously go about it differently. In closing, I have NO idea how he gets as many views as he does. You can like him; I just don’t see it.

    2. I’m a fan of Buckley but even I get annoyed with him. Mostly his needless hatred toward indie music or anything that is considered “hipster” music. I don’t really understand how a someone that talks about how bullshit mainstream music is, yet can then insult indie music. He never has a valid point for his hatred either. It’s just general, “it’s hipster so it’s bad.” He even put a Mumford and Sons song on his worst of list as a “honorable mention”. Really? I understand his stick is being a jerk, but I don’t really understand how that was supposed to be funny. Another one is his “music” fans video where he attempts to criticizes people who relate to music, simply because HE doesn’t understand it. His stupid hoe video is funny as hell though..

  3. Ass came out in 2011, I don’t know how you didn’t know that but it doesn’t mater. I’d put Starships at number 1, nothing more needs to be said, it’s just fucking terrible.

  4. I’m confused, I mean these are really the worst songs you could come up with.. some of them I actually didn’t mind. Not to mention I actually enjoyed red solo cup, It wasn’t some kind of artsy style song it was just a fun party song and that is what it was.

  5. My Thoughts:

    10. Never really cared about this song.
    09. Though I may agree with you, I find this song to be decent. But then again, my favorite song from Coldplay is Speed of Light and maybe Yellow. Princess of China is the worst in my opinion.
    08. AGREED. I don’t know why teenyboppers kept voting for this song in our country’s charts.
    07. I may have heard this song, but then again, refer to #10.
    06. Refer to #10.
    05. AGREED. And the fact that Nicki Minaj will be on American Idol makes me wanna…
    04. AGREED. This song reminds me of Hella Good by No Doubt and it’s a sign that maybe Adam Levine would go for a solo career like Gwen Stefani did.
    03. AGREED! I have already heard this and this is probably one of the worst songs between 2008 and today. This song is probably this year’s Milkshake, which is one of the worst songs of 2003 in my opinion, along with Hey Ya! by OutKast.
    02. AGREED. Over my life, Rihanna is the most heard artist I have ever heard, with a staggering 24, which makes me mad. At least, there’s Linkin Park to cure myself from her, with about 18 songs I already heard from them (and, no, I’m not a Linkin Park fan).
    01. You mean that #57 song on the Year-End Chart? If so, yeah.

    1. WHAT? If you can compare Cher Lloyd to that gold digger Kelis only great song & a Outkast classic, then you don’t know a good song at all.

  6. How half of these are pop songs? Or do you mean “popular = mainstream” when you mention pop? Then yes, I agree. But other than that, I always thought of pop music as a genre. And TYGA’s song, as bad as it is, isn’t pop music.

  7. Muse, normally you’d be my dawg and everything, especially since you have a pretty good head on your shoulders when it comes to pop music sucking the big one. However, I had to take offense to a comment you mentioned during the Toby Keith song. You mentioned that because he was hanging around girls half his age, he was a “creeper”. I am 40 (although I look about 33), and there’s a girl I love with all my heart who is 25 years old, or at least she will be by the time you read this. We have been friends for almost seven and a half years now (I met her on a message board when she was 17 and I was 33) and we get along better than most people who are the same age possibly could. I love her more than anything and would move Heaven and Earth for her. Does that make me a creeper in your eyes? I have only ever gotten along with younger women ever in my life, and would enjoy the company of girls who are say 21 to 35 years of age more, on balance, than ones who are 40ish years of age.

    Let me propose another point to you. What if Cher, who is pushing 70, was to hang around a bunch of 20-something men in a video and sing sexual overtones to them, stopping just short of screwing them? Would you be championing her as “ooh, look at that cougar getting fresh prey!”? I believe the term “creeper” is highly offensive, and needs to be done away with entirely as it’s a complete pile of bullshit — I’d prefer a name like “panther” or “jaguar” since I’m an older guy going after a younger woman. Love knows no age, as long as both people are over 21 years of age, is what most people say to me when I tell them about this wonderful person in my life. Don’t be so judgmental, as some day you’ll be older and find a girl that’s younger that you might really like to see, and then what would those same liberals say about you?

    That said, your pop list certainly made sense, although I quit listening to pop music a while ago, because there were too many songs like the ones you listed in your top 10.

      1. As long as I know you’re kidding, then it’s okay. Of course, I misspelled your name earlier, so my apologies for that.

        In all seriousness, this girl is the best thing that’s happened to me in at least the last 10 years, and I was going to have to have a few words with you if you were going to resort to terms like “Creeper”. But yeah, good list. I haven’t listened to pop music in years and I pay attention to your pop reviews that help me reaffirm that I’m really not missing all that much. I’m more a metal geek myself.

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