Billboard Top 10 February 2013 Review


19 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 February 2013 Review”

  1. How do you know Billboard took youtube data into account when they put The Harlem Shake at #1?

    You say you defended ‘Gangam Style’ over this because it was “legitimately good”, while I’ll take it ‘Harlem Shake’ is not good on it’s own. Dude that is all your opinion.

    The people who say the Harlem Shake Meme is dead are people who didn’t like it upon first viewing, the same folks who hate EVERY meme on first viewing.

  2. @THOOM – I thought the first ‘Shake’ video I saw was mildy funny, the tune not so much. The tune is very forgettable in it’s construction and you know as much as I do that if it were not for this meme, that it would not have nearly the recognition it has garnered. Plus, Gangnam Style is actually not to bad a tune, people take things way too seriously though, I mean tattoos?!

  3. hello mues.
    let me just start this comment by saying that i just started watching your stuff a week ago.
    and even though i disagree with your views quite a lot, i still think that most of your reviews are still amuesing (see what i did there? :p)
    anyway…to keep it rather short: i think that is horrendous garbage that should be nowhere near the #1 spot. i just don’t see what it has going for it. i watched a track review done by theneedledrop before and what i got out of that, was, that it has a heavily banging beat. now that i actually heard the track i ask myself: is that all that it takes to be on the #1 spot on the billboard charts? if so: pretty sad. and the beat isn’t all that banging anyway. nothing i haven’t heard before done way better. i’ve read a lots of comments saying, that it was sort of the new gangnam style, but lets face it: gangnam style is a fun song to listen to, with a catchy (and banging) beat, lyrics that have an interesting subject (even though most people didn’t get it just by hearing the song for obvious reasons) and a goofy but fun looking video attached to it. and harlem shake has…… imho nothing. (i don’t count videos made by “fans”, because if i would, i’d need to count every stupid video made to every song…which is ridiculous.)
    could write more about that but the comment is already way more longer than whatever..keep up the good work,dude. :>

  4. 10. I like Drake but this is his second worse single choice ever. Right before the Motto.
    9. Love Suit & Tie. But you’re right about it not being lead single material
    8. Never heard this song but it sounds nice.
    7 & 6. Songs are ok just not a fan of them.
    4. Catchy but irritating.
    3. I love Stay but people do find it boring so I expected that from you.
    2. *points finger towards my mouth and makes a gagging noise*
    1. No comment honestly.

    1. so you don’t like “Thrift Shop” despite it actually having something to say? Macklemore’s a MUCH better rapper than Drake. give me a break dude.

  5. The “Harlem Shake” is very confusing for people who listened to hip hop (or at least watched hip hop videos) around 2000-2003.

    1. I know, I thought it was just me. I really thought the Harlem Shake was something that was popular in the early 2000’s. I remember doing it when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Why are people acting like this is a new thing?

  6. Don’t kid yourself by trying to say that “no one actually likes the actual harlem shake song.”
    Plenty of people like the song, it’s your opinion whether it’s bad or not.
    One thing to note regarding The Harlem Shake is that it’s the first instrumental song in a long time to be at number 1.

      1. Why is it #1, mues? Because people are clicking on The Harlem Shake video solely to see the meme? You know, there are over 17 million hits on just one of The Harlem Shake “music only” posts (with only a still picture on the screen). And posts like that are the videos that Billboard is most likely using data from, not the memes. People like the song. Billboard’s use of youtube data is most likely the main reason for Macklemore’s rise up the charts, too.

  7. Mues don’t you know Drake was Jimmy on Degrassi? He never worked a job like he is portraying himself as. What a fake.

  8. First off….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn to pronounce “Gangnam” correctly. I’m not being a bitch or a purist, but it annoys me so much that people constantly pronounce it “Gayng-nam” when it’s more like “Gahng-nahm” (that’s not entirely right…but it’s close) I’ve also heard it with hard “K” instead of a “G”

    Sorry! I really don’t want this to come off as bitchy or preachy. ^^;

    Second off…loved the video. Hell, I love all your shit XD You’re from NC, right? I ask because I am too and it makes me squee like an excited little girl when I find out people I’m a fan of actually live near me.

  9. Well, the problem currently is billboard counts ALL plays related to the song rather than plays only of the original/official song posting which is what it really should be counting.

  10. The store in the Drake video is a Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. The staff even wear the Shoppers uniform! But since you live in USA, perhaps you have never shopped at that store.

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