“C’Mon Let Me Ride” by Skylar Grey ft. Eminem


17 thoughts on ““C’Mon Let Me Ride” by Skylar Grey ft. Eminem”

      1. If you were a betting man, do you think eminem can make comeback on his new album. I mean not that poppy crap and lighters crap.

      2. is Peewee Herman that character from that comedy movie. Also is just lose it his other song with that voice

  1. I feel like she has too much potential as a singer to make songs like these, even if it is just for fun.
    And Eminem…why.

  2. Awesome video as always. Seriously, this song sounds bad. I know it’s supposed to be a parody, but it’s not funny and it doesn’t make the song any better. And you can still review Ready or Not. Then again, I only hear it when I go home and my sister listens to radio disney, so I guess the time has passed. Seriously, do a radio disney month.

  3. Considering her other two promotional singles (“Dance Without You” and “Invisible”), this, although it was done for fun and the intention of sounding stupid, is just piss-poor. I hope her full album sounds different than this song.

    1. Slight correction, she didn’t write the entirety “Love the way you lie.” or at least who ever produced the song didn’t use all of it. They only used her original chorus and then some ass hat came in and re-wrote her verses to give to Rihanna.

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