“22” by Taylor Swift Review


16 thoughts on ““22” by Taylor Swift Review”

  1. As a taylor fan, I loved it. I dont care about it not being country, because music is music. I do agree that the Max Martin songs on the album stick out, but shes exploring. Not every album has to be cohesive, i actually prefer albums that are mixed. I dont mind it especially since they are catchy.

    1. Yes,but it just really genric. It’s corporate music which tries to gain as much money as possible. As a avid listener to Taylor Swift’s music, I find that the songwriting in this Red album deprives the standard that Speak Now had accomplished. Sure, I understand that she is exploring other genres( e.g The arena rock State of Grace,which I enjoyed), but I hope she spend more time working on the lyrics in her future releases. Her vocals may not be powerful,but her lyrical growth in Speak Now makes me appreciate her more as an artist. It doesn’t need to be catchy,but it had to be meaningful.

    2. It isn’t really exploring if only 3 tracks actually experiment with anything while the rest of the album is the same old, same old. Also, if the artist herself looks almost uncomfortable with the given material, or at least that’s how it looked to me.

      1. Wouldn’t say it’s same old. I actually think you can see a difference in every album she’s released. Actual songs have similarities but I feel her sound is definitely maturing. As far as her being uncomfortable, I kind of feel she is always uncomfortable no matter what she is singing.

  2. About the only good thing about that song is CM Punk Shatnering the hell out of it in a recent Wrestlemania axxess video

  3. Laura Marling is a much better singer songwriter,okay her genre is different but i find her lyrics to be interesting ,hauning in some places but not to mention BEAUTIFUL.
    She actually tells stories in her songs and her lyrics are almost challenging.By comparison Taylor Swift recycles the same messages in her songs and doesnt challenge you in any way.

    1. Now I love Laura Marling, as a matter of fact I think “Ghost” is a masterpiece, but comparing her to Taylor Swift is really unfair. They aren’t even in the same genre, Marling is anti-folk.

      1. My point is that Laura Marling has more presence as a songwriter and has a better voice,her guitar playing is even better.
        Taylor Swift is just a pretty face that looks good on posters and commercials for revlon products,she is greatly overrated as a musician and its shame that todays music world has no time for genuine songwriters that challenge you.

    2. Your completely right about Taylor Swift and music in general. So I understand what your saying but I put Taylor Swift less in the singer-songwriter crowd (no matter how many Rachel Yamagata songs she has on her wall) and more with the mediocre pop acts out today. Your Rihanna’s, Katy Perry’s. But I still totally agree with you.

      1. People like the mediocre pop acts for the same reason that they watch trashy reality shows YOU DONT HAVE TO THINK and you dont have to process information,just visual images

  4. My friend owns her CD(btw, he’s a 27 year old man, and he loves Taylor Swift). I think her songs are ok. I wish you had reviewed her whole CD, because it’d be interesting to see what you think of it as a whole album. I think the album is ok from what I’ve heard. Not bad or good. I don’t think I’ll ever fully like Taylor Swift, but I don’t hate her.

  5. I agree with you Mues. I don’t want her working with Max Martin anymore. The song is okay, fun song. Reminds me of Tick Tock. I a huge Swifty and I think I like her a little more as country, but again, she’s always been pop since Teardrops on My Guitar…and the slower version was more country like versus the pop radio version.

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