Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2005


25 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2005”

  1. The Rape line from the Pretty Ricky song didn’t get any controversy because 1) They weren’t anywhere as popular as someone like Rick Ross, thus not on the radar of more discerning pop listeners. 2) It was a guy talking about being raped by women (which may have been your point, i don’t know) and 3) It was eight years ago. Times are a changin’ and people are getting less tolerant of that kind of stuff being on the radio.

  2. The song you chose as #1 was definitely horrible but can you even consider that a pop song cause I NEVER HEARD that song.

    1. just because you haven’t heard that song doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. Mues is going according to the Billboard year end chart, in other words, is considered a pop song because it was popular. it was #49 on the list.

  3. Song #1 on the list doesn’t just sound creepy it sounds like the main character in the song is a serial killer talking to one of his victims right before he rapes and kills her.

  4. Holy shit…I didnt know Some Cut was actually played on the radio in America. That song is an abomination. Do girls really like it when you approach them and say “What it is hoe?”

  5. Mues i just lost all respect for you, So you liked Pink- Just give me a reason, but you hated Trillvill? that is a good song back when mainstream rap used to be good btw its not a pop song….know plenty of kool people who liked it.

  6. Did you use Gorillaz as your bumper music because you don’t like them, or you knew all of us fellow music-geek fans would?

  7. Gotta say, I was quite surprised that none of 50 Cent’s hits of this year were on the list. 2 of them produced by Scott Storch

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