First Impressions Cornball Country (w/ Justin Moore)


5 thoughts on “First Impressions Cornball Country (w/ Justin Moore)”

  1. The first song – I didn’t realize until I saw this video that I’ve heard this song before. One of my colleagues at work is a big country fan, so I was forced to hear many similar-sounding/shitty country songs from her Pandora station for a few hours at a time every Thursday. I didn’t like this song either. I don’t like the voice.
    The second song – I head-desked at the start of the video. If I wasn’t in it for your reactions, I would have turned this song off right away.
    The third song – Ugh. I hated that stereotypical redneck fanservice throughout the video. Country singers, especially him, don’t fit singing those types of songs. I hated this.

  2. There is nothing that makes ‘NRA Country’ a song (or video) about the National Rifle Association or being a gun owner except the title, and ONE guy holding up an NRA membership card toward the end. He he sheepishly flashes it, smiles and puts it away, as if he, Moore, and the makers of this video are ashamed that they are NRA. Even the NRA in the title can mean anything, since the words National Rifle Association aren’t utter once.

    I think the director will tell you that it meant “Non Racist America”, since a bunch of black and white teens/early 20s were used as tokens, knowing damned well the members of the NRA are not proponents of young black kids having guns. Awful try, Justin.

    1. Funny, I thought I was the only person who noticed the strange amount of African American teens in the video. Not saying all country musicians are rednecks (I know quite a lot who aren’t) but this Justin guy come across as one.

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