Billboard Top 10 May 2013 Review



24 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 May 2013 Review”

  1. I wanted to like this review, in part because it was linked by a reviewer I respect, but I just couldn’t get past the grating, headache-inducing voice (maybe if you turned down the music you wouldn’t have to scream?) and the blatant misogyny in some parts.

    1. If you are referring to the slut shaming, I normally would agree. However, he was clearly using Selena Gomez to take a stab(jokingly of course) at Rihanna, and I have more issues with Rihanna than i will ever have with Mues. I’m against slut shaming, but I’m also against Rihanna no longer having much of an identity outside of a sexual identity. I don’t have a problem with sex. It doesn’t bother me, but not when that’s the only part of you that you put out there. That’s equally damaging to women’s rights than a joke from Mues.

      1. Um no a woman choosing to have an overemphasized sexual identity is not more problematic than Mues’ blatant slutshaming. Rihanna has her issues but what Mues said was despicable

      2. I know this isn’t my argument, but Jenna, if you want to prove that he was crossing the line, actually cite and explain what was so bad about it. I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I just think you’re doing a horrible job of criticizing Mues. It helps to offer a good explanation when explaining to someone why something they said is offensive.

      3. Well actually no, I do not owe him an explanation, anyone can see what is wrong and if not they must educate themselves not expect others to do it for them.

        He slut-shamed, a lot. ‘Slut-pop’ really you aren’t ready to see elena ‘slutting it up’ like those are all xamples of slut shaming which contribute to bigger problems like rape culture and whorephobia. It’s very sexist. Everybody deserves respect no matter what they decide to wear, say, do etc.

        There were other problems with selena’s video like the racism and cultural appropriation but you rather ramble on about how ‘slutty’ rihanna and she are.

      4. @ Jenna I’m really missing where the “slut-shaming” part is at in the video. Yeah, he called out people like Rihanna who see sex as nothing more then a marketing too not that he had a problem with women who where open expressing their sexually. So, in my eyes, yes artist like Britney Spears and Rihanna are not only slut but bringing shame to female musicians who have more to their persona then sex.

    2. A woman can have whatever persona she likes, she does not bring shame to anyone. Also, they do have more to their personality than sex and even if not, there is nothing wrong with that. Even porn stars deserve respect. What he was doing was slutshaming. Calling women ‘sluts’ in a derogotary way is what slut shaming is.

      1. No a woman cannot. Simply having a vagina does not make her immune from criticisms or her persona’s and behaviors being ‘shamed’ and called out. Woman who over exploit their sexuality and rely on it rather than their musical ability deserve to be shamed for their shallowness, not to mention the messages they’re sending to young girls. Pray tell, if a man where to create a persona where he treated woman like dirt, would you defend it? What if it was reversed and a it was a woman who treated men like dirt, would you defend her exemption from criticism then?

      2. Apparently woman can do whatever they like and if you don’t like it you’re just a damn misogynist!

      3. I agree that calling something slut-pop is…demeaning. But on the other hand, I feel that you’re free to criticize something for its quality. Just because you’re free to sexualize yourself (which I believe that you should be able to) doesn’t mean that your sexualization is done well or interestingly.

        I see where Mues is coming from. I agree in some parts. Rihanna and Selena’s use of sexuality is one note and cheap, and the songs they’re producing aren’t good.

        Calling them whores for singing about sex though? Pretty disturbing.

        Calling them boring and repetitive for ONLY singing about sex? Perfectly acceptable.

    3. I think you can criticize her for making bad music if you want to and just say it’s boring cause it is about one subject only, but if it were any other subject his tone would not be so demeaning. I is a problematic attitude to say the least.

      And Nick how is singing about one’s sexuality equal to ‘songs of a man treating a woman like ‘dirt’ and woman are allowed to have control over their sexuality and use it however they want if they want to and not be shamed for it. There is nothing to be ashamed of your sexuality, that is the message to the children who are being raised in a sexist rape culture world.

      Also having a vagina does not make you a woman you transphobic piece of shit.

  2. Agree with most of this with the exception of Radioactive – the song isn’t their best (I really like “Demons”) but they are overall pretty awesome. The rest is spot on. I really hate “Mirrors” – the lyrics are basically saying he loves her because she’s so much like him – what an arrogant sentiment. Also cannot stand anything about Selena or Demi, I really wish they’d go away. I want to like Demi on some level because I admire her eating disorder activism but that voice is just so grating…

  3. 10. I’ve heard this song once. Nelly doesn’t need to be here.
    9. This song is a massive guilty pleasure for me. I agree about it being enjoyable.
    8. Haven’t heard this. I liked “It’s Time.” This is a bit disappointing.
    6. Haven’t heard it.
    5. Meh. I don’t really like this song.
    3. Haven’t heard it.
    2. Not too bad.
    1. Agree. Love this song.

  4. 10. Nelly is from St. Louis, he’s no country boy
    9. I hate it. Sorry but this music for Snooki/Jwow and the YOLO crowd
    8. I like this song. Alex Da Kid isn’t great but better than Mike WiLL Made It
    7. Thrift Shop is still awesome
    6. Disappointed to hear Selena sound boring. Selena and Demi are cute but singing-wise, ehh
    5. Boring! Rihanna trying hard to release ballads to be successful
    4. Boring! Bruno Mars had better songs than him disappointed about some girl
    3. I like this song but the Radio Edit is much better.
    2. For once, Pink sounds interesting. She and Nate impressed me.
    1. One of the most exciting songs on the radio. Macklemore is talented.

  5. 10.Hate this damn song!
    9. This song bothers me for some reason. I just find them incredibly annoying. In fact, I think it’s the combination of their voices and the fact they sound like a-holes. I just can’t get into this song. It has such an obnoxious tone to it. It’s probably my least favorite song in the top 10. Yes, worse than Selena Gomez.
    8. Growing on me. When it comes on, I don’t turn it off, but I could do without it. I agree that it’s not that interesting of a song.
    6. I have nothing against Selena Gomez. She’s better than many stars from Disney Channel. With that said, I can’t stand this song. It’s not awful. It’s just so damn generic and boring. What am I supposed to do with this song?
    5. I know a lot of people like Stay. My mom, who hates Rihanna, enjoys the song. She believes that it has a lot of emotions. I agree with it being boring, and I don’t really hear the emotion that other people hear.
    3. This song has grown on me, and I have come to like it. I don’t even like Justin Timberlake as a musical artist all that much, but this song is enjoyable enough.
    2. Love, love, love, love this song! I can’t get enough of it. I like the message. I like the song. I like the way their vocals work together.
    1. I had to listen to this a few times before I liked it, but I got into it soon enough. I love Macklemore. I bought their CD. So glad I did, because his whole CD is very, very good.

  6. 10. ) Cruise – Sucks. Not a country fan, and haven’t cared about Nelly in ten years
    9.) I Love It – Only bad part in it is the annoying “90s bitch” part. Other than that, fun song.
    8.) Radioactive – Pretty epic imo. Music video was weird though. Demons is pretty good also.
    7.) Thrift Shop – Not bad, but WAY overplayed.
    6.) Come & Get It – Ugh, I’m done with Disney and Nickelodeon (how far that channel has fallen) “stars”/
    5.) Stay – Just Give Me A Reason is 1easily better.
    4.) When I Was Your Man – Overplayed, but still good. WAY better than his new song, Treasure imo.
    3.) Mirrors – Meh
    2.) Just Give Me A Reason – Great song, great vocals.
    1.) Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore is giving me hope mainstream hip-hop. My alternative station has been playing his song, “Same Love” a lot. I hope to god pop radio has the balls to do it too.

  7. Man that was funny, and don’t listen to these people giving you shit for what you said. It was the fucking truth and truth bombs were dropped.

  8. #10 – I never minded about this song, not even for Nelly. I only know him for Hot in Herre (which is one of the worst songs of 2002) and his duet with Kelly Rowland (which was decent enough IMO).

    #9 – I remember hearing this from commercials everywhere, but then again, I never minded about this song.

    #8 – First interesting song on your review. I have heard this song before and it’s a fairly decent song for me. It reminds me of Coldplay’s Paradise, which I know is one of your worsts songs of 2012. Still, I prefer their newer song Demons.

    #6 – Never heard of this song until now, unlike Heart Attack. But please, liking her (and Demi Lovato) is liking popular teenybopper movies such as Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Fast & Furious, Scream, Final Destination, and any superhero-turned-movie franchises! I’d rather listen to Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty (like Hot In Herre, one of the worst songs of 2002) than Selena Gomez BTW! (And speaking about popular movie franchises, can you do a review/run of Saw 1-7, preferably with a friend of yours?)

    #5 – Though my hate on Rihanna, this is perhaps her best song. I’d rather have this than anything from her 2007/08 album. I now find Rihanna to be the Paranormal Activity (or should I say Saw?) of music, releasing a new album every year. But then, I find the song boring. Much more boring than Fix You by Coldplay.

    #3 – Nah. I never minded about Justin Timberlake. It has been 10 years since I have heard a Justin Timberlake song (I was talking about Rock Your Body, which sucks and one of the worst songs of 2003).

    #2 – Probably the best song of 2013, but not when you count Bon Jovi’s Because We Can. It’s just so soothing to listen to, and maybe so is Fun.’s Carry On.

    #1 – I never minded about Macklemore, so I don’t have anything to say about this song.

  9. I don’t usually keep up with pop music. But I agree with you 1000000000% on everything you said about Macklemore. He’s by far the best rapper to break into the mainstream since… Probably since Chamillionaire did in 2005.

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