The Top 10 Worst Insane Clown Posse Songs…EVER


67 thoughts on “The Top 10 Worst Insane Clown Posse Songs…EVER”

  1. Oh, shit. I really lost it when you two started imitating what Violent J was doing during the recording of Lil’ Somethin Somethin. Shit was priceless.

  2. Meh, Seems like you not getting that alot of their songs are supposed to be fun and funny. It’s not a kind of band you analyze like you would Pink Floyd or Manson. Pretty surprised you picked mostly songs that weren’t that bad when there actually was some terrible ones they put out. I’m assuming your just not aware of the culture and taking the music way too seriously especially when most music that you probably like yourself would most likely fall flat if given the same test by a group of music snobs that apparently don’t like that kind of genre to begin with. I wonder if the guy on the left even likes any music or movies or shows, or anything.. He reminds me of the Fat nerd at the simpsons comic store. Worst (insert anything) Ever.

      1. I love the Dead Kennedys, but being a DK fan doesn’t mean that you have taste. Hell, Frank Zappa fans don’t necessarily have good taste in music. I still hear from Zappa fans who think that the Beatles made good music even though the Beatles were flaccid copies of better underground music and John Lennon beat his first wife.

    1. i see your point, Isaac.
      but this guy saying, “i wonder if he likes anything, yadda yadda yadda,” is trite.
      in almost every video i appear in, i’m wearing a different band shirt while making countless references to music, movies, and television.
      not trying to toot my own horn here, but i happen to like a shitload of different bands and filmmakers/actors.
      and i don’t see how criticizing a group’s songs is snobbery…we weren’t saying, “Oh, this is such a droll attempt at shockery that so-and-so did better 30 years ago,” or other such blowhard-ness.

    2. Um im sorry to say but you might want to re examine some of there songs. Alot of them have to do with really fucked up shit that people do. Child abuse. rape. drugs. corruption, religion. Maybe You do know. So many good points to be made but people just judge the book by its cover. Just because someone has a different point of view or a different life style the point is lost in the judgements. sad how people just dont seem to want to give it a fair shake. Listen to a song called terrible from the amazing jeckel bros. or piggy pie from the great malinko. or the jokers wild from the riddle box. Echo side from jeckel bros. Hells forecast from the wrath shangri-la. Suicide hotline from the wrath hells pit. Crossing the bridge from the wrath shangri-la. I could go on and on but just give it a damn chance and stop being so judgemental.

      1. We love you guys lol. Always will. 🙂 Hate all you want. it wont make your pee pee any bigger.

  3. ICP are and have always been an absolute joke. Only the american white trailer trash alliance known as the Juggalos can listen to them and take their horrible fucking “music” seriously. They actually tried to invite The Black Dahlia Murder to The Gathering once because they’re from Michigan too, and even their frontman said they fucking suck.

    1. You think that ICP is a joke because you abhor the concept of ambition. You’re a fan of the Black Dahlia Murder? Well, fuck you, too. When you were shitting your drawers over Green Day’s “American Idiot” album, my ambition was to be Frank Zappa. ICP do a great job of making fun of the absurdities of American popular culture, securing their own place as one of the greats of hip-hop. And, incidentally, I’m from New York and released an album of chamber music. What the fuck have you done with your life other than hate a bunch of people you never met because the media tells you to hate ICP and buy shitty Green Day albums?

      1. What the fuck are you talking about? Where did you even get the idea that i like Green Day? Or that i hate ICP because the media told me to do so? Jesus, have the media even mentioned ICP lately? And Green Day might be pretty mediocre these days, but they at least can still write a fucking song. ICP never had that skill. Pretty much everybody else on Psychopathic Records is better than ICP. I don’t even know how those idiots can look up to J and Shaggy like they’re lyrical gods.

    2. No one in Green Day can write a song. That delusion was developed by pretentious liberals who think that a pop band is punk and against the establishment despite clearly being a part of the establishment.

      ICP can clearly write better songs than Green Day. ICP make fun of everything you hold dear. They’ve also got some genuine social commentary.

      Would you care at all about ICP if the media didn’t told you to hate them? Normal, rational people who dislike ICP just don’t care for them. Hate of ICP comes from an irrational base. The concept that a group working hard to become successful and gaining fans that get what they’re about, rather than just hooking up with a major label that pipes their music to the masses that jump ship for the latest trend.

      Normal, rational people don’t give a shit about ICP or Juggalos whatsoever.

      You have ZERO reason to hate Juggalos or make up nonsense about them, other than the fact that the media tells you that Juggalos and ICP suck.

      1. Lol. I have always despised the Psychopathic Records fanbase, even when i was trying to get into music from some of their artists years ago. I didnt need “the media” to tell me to do so (where i live, the media has never even mentioned ICP). Pretty much every single Juggalo i’ve met, either online or in real life, has been a complete fucking idiot that usually threathens you with decapitation via hatchet for being critical of their behaviour or any artists that they like, acts like a jackass because Juggalos “don’t give a fuck”, can’t say a sentence wihout saying “fucking” a dozen of times, among other things. I would tell you to watch the short documentary “American Juggalo” for examples of this, but you probably think it’s another attempt by the evil media to make Juggalos look bad. And for the record, i respect ICP for certain things that they do, business-wise they are living large since they own everything they make and have all sorts of things going on with movies and wrestling, and musically they do sound pretty unique and have an interesting rap-rock thing going on at times. Problem is, ICP have always been incredibly weak lyrically, try too hard to be offensive shocking, and their attempts at being funny OR serious are downright pathetic.

    3. You know, anyone can make obtuse generalized bullshit collectivist statements about an entire group despite never meeting anyone from that group. You don’t see Juggalos calling entire groups of people they never met richies or bigots (obviously, “trailer trash” is supremely fucking racist). That’s the difference between a free thinker and an idiot.

      And there’s very clearly a fucking bias going on. How the fuck is a music fanbase a “gang” for liking a band with controversial lyrics?

      PLEASE stop embarrassing yourself. YOU are the fucking joke.

      And because I think individually, not collectively, I have to note that you are very obviously a bigot. Not everyone who dislikes ICP is a bigot, but you clearly are. Go away, please.

      You are the only fucking idiot I see here.

      1. Jesus you are immensely mad. By the way you went from kinda civilized to full-on offensive i can tell i hit the nail right on the head. How the FUCK is calling someone white trash “obviously” racist? Are you serious with this nonsense? Holy shit you are a fool. And i didn’t call Juggalos a gang, but it’s good that you brought that up. Juggalos aren’t a gang for liking a band with controversial lyrics (If that was true, metal fans would also be labeled as such), it’s because they have a gang mentality. Wanting to “defend the family” and threatening violence (references to hatchets or axes are obligatory) when someone disrespects “the fam” is gang behaviour. This why in some states they are considered a gang, and there ARE gangs who use the Juggalo name and imagery. And by the way, i have seen juggalos talking shit about other groups several times. For example, they’ve harassed Maggots because they think Slipknot have “Sold out” and aren’t “Wicked”, just posers. Do you have any other arguments other than claiming you’re a “free thinker” and calling me a bigot for disliking ICP and despising their fanbase? Because if not, this is pretty much over.

      2. @trug0d

        Do you have any other arguments other than being a fucking bigot and lying about an entire group of people you’ve never met, you collectivist bigot prick?

    4. I called you a bigot for using the phrase “white trash”, you fucking turkey. Juggalos are individualists, you bigoted douchebag. You don’t have a fucking clue about who Juggalos are. There is zero rational reason to hate Juggalos. Hating Juggalos is one of the most irrational things a so-called human being can engage in.

      You ever see “Hairspray” by John Waters? You know who uses the phrase “white trash” in that movie? WASP Republican bigots who support segregation of whites and blacks. You know who gets called “white trash” in the movie? A teenage girl who supports civil rights.

      “White trash” is a phrase invented by racists to denote anyone that doesn’t fit their concept of the so-called “superior white man”. Juggalos openly oppose racism and are a mix of multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This is why you are a bigot.

      I called you collectivist, additionally, because you used a derogatory insult to refer to an ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AND HAVE NEVER MET.

    5. Juggalos are also not a fucking gang. Juggalos do not engage in gang activity. They are law-abiding citizens, pay taxes, have families and children, and whatnot. You ever notice how the gang designation came right at the time that not only were Insane Clown Posse becoming really successful, but the government is actively trying to punish people for their success?

      1. We already went through all this. Blah blah, you’re a bigot and you’re lying and you know nothing about juggalos blah fucking blah. Do you have anything new? Oh wait, now you have some conspiracy theories… yeah this getting pathetic now.

      2. “Honestly, at this point, i think you’re the one trolling me.”

        You’re an anonymous person with a fake name and I’m a published writer/cartoonist who runs a well-known underground business and created a cult hit comic book series that was the first underground comic to have a web edition, and even beat Marvel and D.C. properties like Batman and Spider-Man to the web, making my comic strip a pioneer in the comics industry, but somehow I’m the troll. Sure. You just keep telling yourself that, buddy.

      3. Good for you. Don’t really understand how all that would stop you from trolling someone, but whatever. What’s funny though is that you claim you run a “well known” business and you’re not a troll, but a quick google search of your name shows that in reality you and your work really aren’t as well known as you claim, and one of the very first results is a video where someone calls you a “juggalo troll”. I laughed. Why do you look like a fat, white T.I. by the way?

      4. Isaac man dont waste your words on them. Words are valuable and god says not to through your pearls to dogs directly after telling people that with what measure the judge other it will be measured unto them. Yall have a real misconception of juggalos though. We arent trailor trash dude. I grew up in a trailor but I know live in a house. A really nice one in the suburbs. AND IM STILL MUTHA FUCKING DOWN. Face facts here. They dont know what a juggalo really is so let them say what they want. They arent talking about you or me. They are talking about some fantasy they have in there heads. Also ICP has been all over media lately from being classified by the government as a gang to a juggalo appearing in GTA V as one of the main supporting characters. Refusing to acknowledge the ninjas? I guess we are doing it right then arent we? You will never know what a juggalo is because you arent one. You dont accept that which you dont understand or anyone who has a different view point then you. I genuinely feel sorry for you and hope one day you see what it really is. ICP are god fearing. If you really ever listen to there songs youd realize that all the violence they portray and all the negativity is point at the worst aspects of human nature. Its an attempt to vent that anger and continue to live a happy life. Do you think ICP really goes around killing people with hatchets or something? You got a better chance of eminem actually going through with anything he fucking says on an album. Truth is ICP is and has always been about righteous justice. Did you know that one time Juggalos were throwing shit at tila tequila and violent j told people to stop that shit. You do not know what your talking about and your making yourself look very ignorant. Im concerned for you man because nobody should be deprecating themselves like that. I mean what else you got? Are we all stupid to? I have a 135 IQ and am a computer repair technician with my own cell phone shop. What do you have? Are you better then this juggalo? You smarter then me? You want to try your luck with someone whos not going to let anger cloud his judgement. Bring it! Bring it! Bring it! Bring it! Bring it on!

  4. Top 10 best ICP songs on the way? Or is rambly bitching just a format you guys can’t pull yourself from?

    Also, you’re looking at a bunch of joke songs, what standard are you holding them to?

    All this really feels like is a cheap way of cashing in on ICP’s recent media heat to get a few extra bucks off ad revenue, while your audience gets to watch you and Kyle Gas’ ugly brother giggle at your own lame jokes.


      1. Yeah, it’s not like the media hasn’t been shitting on them like they drank one of GG Allin’s special pre-stage cocktails since Miracles went viral.

        I don’t even really care what you say about ICP, it’s when you started insulting Juggalos that made me honestly lose all respect for you.

        Every friend I have is a Juggalo, friends who HAVE graduated, know how to bathe, and don’t use facepaint as a typical fashion accessory. You seemed above generalizing an entire group of people based on how they entertain themselves.

        I was obviously mistaken, and I realize this is falling on deaf ears. People with your mentality usually hear the word Juggalo and immediately put on their hater shades. It just sucks because I really like RAW reactions, and agree with a lot of what you have to say in most videos.

        But seriously, all I see in this video is pandering to the highschool kid mentality driven idea that Joe and Joey don’t have a lick of talent and all Juggalos are toothless smelly imbeciles. Both far from the truth.

    1. Can I defend Mues a little by pointing out that he’s used the beat from the “Hokus Pokus” remix on a few of his old videos, which would indicate that he’s not hating on ICP’s comedic songs, he just doesn’t find these particular ones funny?

  5. I could even shoot you a top 10 best ICP list, put together by Juggalos that you can listen over, then decide if all the negativity and pessimism over a band’s 21 year body of work was warranted. Just say the word and I’ll get to work, Marc.

    1. well, William…had you noticed in the beginning, we mention that i was, at one point, an ICP fan.
      i also mention that one of the omitted tracks from the CoC re-release, “Night Of The Axe,” isn’t a bad song and is very theatrical with a good premise.
      in fact, there are several ICP songs that i still enjoy (Amy’s In The Attic, 17 Dead, Skitsofrantic, 12, I Didn’t Mean To Kill Him, to name a few)
      plus, we’re about 3 years late on the ICP-bashing bandwagon that seemed to sweep the media after SNL’s parody of “Miracles” became popular.
      so…had we done this video in say, May of 2010, i could see your point.
      also, we never say that all Juggalos are uneducated pieces of shit.
      i’m simply working off the portrayal of Juggalos in ICP’s songs about Juggalos.
      they really don’t paint (tee-hee) their fans as being the most intelligent bunch.
      “he’s a graduate. he graduated from….*crickets* well…”
      “he works for himself, scratchin’ his nuts.”
      not to mention the plethora of ignorant misogyny cascading from ICP’s lyrics, and how rabidly their fans stand behind such ignorance, doesn’t exactly make for the greatest perception of your fan base.
      i know that there are lyrics that talk about how Juggalos are good to one another and so forth, but that’s not the issue…you’re saying we called all Juggalos dumb fucks, not calling their character into question whatsoever.
      that not withstanding, i can understand your frustration with how we had some laughs at the expense of Juggalos. i myself have a few friends that are ICP fans and they’re not dipshits.
      however, i find it presumptuous and almost sciolistic that you would brush this video off as “just another ICP/Juggalo bash session from people who don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.”
      i’m paraphrasing, i know…but you didn’t take verbatim into effect, so neither will i.
      what we presented was a critical breakdown as to why these songs are so bad…be it lyrics, premise, production, delivery, etc.
      i’ve seen other folk’s anti-ICP videos, and they’re pretty thoughtless.
      most of them just turned on their camera and spouted shit out.
      this actually took us awhile to complete.
      and i’m not going to give you any shit if you say the video sucks or whatever, but i do take issue with you being so dismissive of what was a rather thought out review…especially in comparison to the First Impressions stuff.
      i’m not trying to be an asshole, or be confrontational…i’m actually really glad you didn’t just post, “U FAGGOTZ SUCK” like the other 98% of the internet

  6. Im surprised miracles didnt at least get a mention. The lyrics are horrible although the production value is good. Was it just too obvious?

    Also, and im surprised nobody else mentioned it, they dont say “candy gum” they say “cotton candy, gum…” just the way he is saying it makes it seem like they run together.

    Or else he like cotton as well as candy gum. Which would be weird… even for them.

  7. Not one verse in “Thy Unveiling” refers to Christ, by the way. Shaggy 2 Dope isn’t even a Christian. Violent J’s apparently Catholic, but doesn’t go to church ever.

    And the characters in “Blacken Your Eyes”, according to ICP’s own mythology are going to Hell. Their concept mythology doesn’t equal all of their songs being about characters you’re supposed to like.

  8. Not going to lie. I was on the edge of my seat, near the end, waiting for you guys to bring up the Chris Benoit song. lol Great video regardless!

  9. I think its strange how they made songs about killing, rape and drug abuse then with “The Unveiling” they say they follow god, what the hell!?

    1. No, if you pay attention, their songs are morality tales. You’re not supposed to be like the characters they write about. They’re jesters making fun of the world around them. Their characters murder bad people – racists, wife-beaters, child molesters, rapists. They’re like comic book anti-heroes/superheroes.

      ICP have never written a song “about rape”. They hardly mention rape, and when they do, they’re saying they hate rapists and their characters are murdering rapists.

      Violent J has openly said that he doesn’t read the bible or go to church. He’s more spiritual than religious.

      Kevin Smith is a Catholic and made a movie with a giant poop monster.

      1. Then what “god” dose he mean at the beginning of the song. These guys dose not come across as spiritual to me at all.

    2. Re: “what god”

      Shaggy 2 Dope is Native American, and Violent J is apparently a Catholic.

      But I’ve theorized that they were simply bragging that “Psychopathic Records is god”. Could be wrong, though.

      By the way, Mickey Spillane was a Jehovah’s Witness and wrote dozens of novels featuring the private detective Mike Hammer killing murderers, etc.

      The fiction one writes is not what one believes in. Doing songs or books about murder doesn’t mean that one isn’t spiritual.

    3. ICP never claimed that they were making religious music. I think if anyone’s reading too much into “Thy Unveiling”, it’s you.

      Black Sabbath wrote a song called “After Forever” where they said that “God is the only way to love” because they were long accused of being Satanists ever since their first album which talked about Satan in its title track and had a song called “N.I.B.” which talked about Satan falling in love. The openly-Christian content of Sabbath’s “After Forever” was not meant to signify Sabbath as a Christian band, just to correct a mistake made by some of their critics, which continued to be made by many “Christian” critics of the band afterward, including those that seemed to dwell too much on the fact that latter vocalist Ronnie James Dio was an atheist.

      ICP are simply entertainers, their moral approach is basic black-and-white morality talking of good and evil. They personally believe in God, but the message of their music is not a religious one but a moral one.

      1. They make a song about Satan falling in love and being accused for being Satanists. I hope you see how dumb that sounds. I am not trying to be an asshole here but the fact is that from the start of this disscusion, “The Unveiling” is song were it seems preety obviuse that ICP are Christians, if not, then they are really confused about what they are trying to say.

    1. Tried searching just “mues” on YouTube one time. Mostly what I got for results were a bunch of Muse music videos…Dammit YouTube.

  10. fuck off u stupid fat bald bitch and your gay lover next to u. your lover likes fat men just like u.i’m a juggalo and love all there songs so fuck off u haters

    1. i love how that, even in 2015, these so-called “open-minded” Juggalos can still be so rampantly homophobic.
      you heard it here folks, straight from Matt Smith’s Faygo-stained mouth: gay people aren’t as informed or important as straight people.
      funny how you can be so bigoted, given ICP’s lyrics expressing hatred for the bigotry you just expressed.
      shouldn’t you be somewhere picketing a soldier’s funeral with the rest of the Westboro Baptist Church?

  11. I couldnt sit thru this whole damn thing. Being a juggalo I was a little put off by how stuck up yall sounded about it, but no, most juggalos my age aint gonna jump down ur throat about criticizing icp. I think yall just picked the songs that make the least sense to you. Because you picked the songs that make the least sense. And that aint by accident. Us who call ourselves juggalos just happen to embrace stuff that dont make sense. Its what were into. Have a sense of humor damn. And I bet yall aint exactly prized works of art either, as humans. Get down off your high horse and ill sit through ten minutes of honest opinions of why icp sucks. Just like with anything.

    1. Pretty sure that there isn’t any grey area in “Thy Unveiling” and “Where’s God,” dude. Those songs are pretty cut and dry, so the “songs that make the least sense” argument is null and void.
      And you say we have no sense of humor, even though we joke about a Juggalo Jesus. Did you think we were serious about Jesus being an ICP fan?
      In your words: “Have a sense of humor damn.”
      And if you honestly think that “Blackin’ Your Eyes” is a good song, misogyny aside, you must have the worst taste in music ever because that song is absolutely horrid.

  12. I’m a long time listener to ICP and even had some of the old mixtapes from Inner City Posse. I had actually forgotten about Jazzy until you reminded me. It’s funny, I agree with most of your selections as they are not my favorite songs either. The thing for me, is that you did present this video from a very negative perspective. From the onset, you describe yourself as a former fan and make very plain your distaste for juggalos as a group. You repeatedly disparage ICP’s lyrical ability, song writing capability and even insult their appearance. I don’t take umbrage with your song selection or your critique of each song’s merit, or in this case, lack thereof. I found the personal attacks against ICP and their fanbase particularly distasteful. You could do a “10 worst Bob Marley songs ever” video without critiquing Bob’s appearance, hygiene, religious beliefs, habits, etc or characterizing all Marley fans as drug addicted, dirt bags. It seems to me that you make this video to draw attention, have fun, be entertaining and make a buck. Sounds like you and ICP have a lot in common.

    1. Of course it’s presented in a negative perspective.
      The video isn’t titled, “The Top 10 Worst Insane Clown Posse Songs…Ever (Expressed In A Disingenuous, Upbeat Manner, For The Consideration Of ICP’s Fanbase)”
      And yes, we could do a video about Bob Marley’s worst songs, and we wouldn’t attack his fans. Because Bob Marley fans weren’t in the news for throwing bottles of piss at Tila Tequilia and the FBI don’t consider Bob Marley fans a gang.
      And you can go ahead and jump on the whole “Juggalos aren’t a gang” defense, but the fact that multiple groups of Juggalos across the country are involved in a plethora of criminal activity with a gang mentality says otherwise.
      Also, you’re taking the video at face value. Listen to your fellow Juggalo brethren above and get a sense of humor.
      You actually think we were being serious when we made those OBVIOUS jokes about a Juggalo Bible?
      C’mon, dude.

  13. Hey you can say whatever negative stuff you want about ICP but you just dont understand. Maybe I can help. Santa is a fat bitch deals with how poor kids in the inner city often didnt get anything for Christmas and thus talked alot of shit about santa. So ICP made a funny song about it. Bugs on my Nugz. First off all you laughed at a song made by clowns. If were judging songs off being what they were intended to be this song is doing it right. Also nugz is short for nuggets. Slang for testicles. Just because you dont understand slang doesnt make the song bad. the song isnt necessarily about there personal experiences but in a dirty inner city scabies is prevalent and you can get it without ever sleeping with anyone. Plus it made people laugh and feel better about a problem they have no control over. And it did. Win. I kinda agree with the tempest in general. I didnt like anything after the first jokers cards. Rainbows and stuff is about schizophrenia in general. Every watch meet the pyro from team fortress 2? Same exact thing but people like that and find it funny. Lol its targeted at females? lol sorry thats just to funny. read up on schizophrenia and youll understand. Also candle cake is a cake that looks like a candle that is put in the middle of a table at a feast. Its like ninja cake because its in plain view but its not a candle as it appears. Candy gum is a type of gum with a hard candy shell around it you have to suck off before you get the gum. Google is your friend guys. Either research what your bashing or dont bash it. Your starting to give in to stigma and ignorance…. watching more hoping you start making sense…… aaaaaand youve disappointed me. Juggalo Island is a FANTASY ISLAND. Its not real. DUH! Thats like me making a song about how i want to have my own castle with a room for all my friends and family but then asking me where the address is and when you can move in. You have to be pretty stupid to think that. Ill try not to be mean though. moving on. Again I dont understand how Lil sumthin sumthin panders to females. Its a song about wanting to have sex with some girl whos loose. Sorry but if I were a female and heard a song about a guy trying to seduce a slut I wouldnt immediately assume it was directed at me. Id have to be calling myself a slut for that. Your hearing the songs but your not listening. Lol juggalo Christians? no no. nobody is reading from the juggalo bible or anything like that. You dont understand the metaphor or youve never read one of there ablum booklets to find the story behind the jokers cards. If you took the time to read it youd find a lot of christian ideals wrapped up in a carnival like package. I knew from the very beginning they were Christians because I actually read what they had to say. Again this is more of you hearing but not listening. I wouldn’t be sorry for it either if every single ideal expressed in my songs had a christian undertone that was hidden well (starting to understand why they call themselves ninjas yet? Ill give you a hint its not because they run around in black PJs) There is a LOT of hidden content in there music that most are to lazy to look for. If after all the albums and all the messages and hints and sometimes just outright doing everything but saying it you still dont see it thats your fault. Like in echo side if you play the backwards speech foreward it says “FUCK the devil fuck that shit. We believe in life legit.” Again people arent listening. They are just hearing and judging. And no its not about that. Its about them making the message very clear. none of the albums or anything they have sold or any of the fame and fortune they have obtained matters to them. It was never about the money. It was about getting a message out to those who refused to listen. well I tried to listen but your ignorance is making my ears bleed a bit. I would be disappointed but i didnt expect much from you from the beginning so in that regard youve lived up to my expectations. Your still ignorant. though. I dont mind if people say they dont like ICP or that the lyrics dont make sense but at the same time im not going around telling people that parts of dead Kennedys songs i dont understand are just poorly written songs. Thats just well….. dumb. Im not angry. contrary to popular believe juggalo just want to be happy and get along with people but people want to alienate that which is different. Why cant everybody just be fucking nice to each other? When I ask that question usually the response I get is “its not that simple” but actually it is. This isnt a womans emotions on her period. Its just not that complicated. ICP songs arent deep and complex but they deal with real issues. Face it you went off half cocked and full retard….. you never go FULL retard.

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