Tthe Rebirth of Disco


17 thoughts on “Tthe Rebirth of Disco”

  1. PSYs Gentelman is the same thing as his first song, Gangnam Style. Same beat, same delivery and all in all same thing, only slightly different dance and video i guess.

  2. I can’t wait to see the Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs, I am a huge fan of Slim but I have to agree that a lot of the music from Encore and the following albums are really bad.

      1. I was disappointed after hearing Encore but at least that album had the style of Eminem, in a lazy way anyway, but Relapse and Recovery just is not the old Eminem that I remember, he used to be funny and skillful. I gave up after hearing “Love the way you lie”, in my opinion, that is the worst Eminem song I have heard because of one thing, he sounds like a pussy, and that is not what I think about when I think about the great Slim Shady. I don’t care for his newest album, his greatness was gone to me after “The Eminem Show”.

      2. If I would do a Top 10 list of worst Eminem songs then “Love the way you lie” would not be the worst after all, sorry for that I just did not remember alot about his music, been a while since I have heard Eminem X)

    1. Won’t let me reply to your earlier comment. I don’t know, I think you may be right about “Love the Way you lie”. He does sound like a pussy and he is being WAY to serious. Didn’t he used to have a sense of humor about his music, even though he was saying the foulest shit ever. I agree that it isn’t the worst song, but it’s a great example of how for he’s fallen. I also agree that with “Encore” you could tell he was trying…..but I felt like he was holding himself back.

      1. Some of the songs from “Encore” was okay and “Toy Soldiers” was an amazing song but songs like “Puke” and “My First Single” is horrible and “Ass Like That” was so lazy it was almost hard ti belive.

  3. I’m glad Disco’s making a come back. It’s successor, house music, has gotten really boring and stale as of late. Time to breath some new life into dance music…or old life, I guess.

    The new DP album is amazing btw.

  4. Oh, also, ironically, Pitbull has done a “remix” of Get Lucky, though I think it might be fake.

  5. Music for awhile has been reminded me of the 80’s in many ways, pitbull and flo-rida have used many 80’s samples. The artists and I use that term loosely have tried to distinguish themselves from the previous era by being more pop, catchy and sampling old songs and mixing them with electronic music. Hip hop has got a little better the last couple years then in the darkest era of like 04-2010 but not much. People have short attention spans and are more likely to like whatever is shoved down their throats

    1. It’s sad what sampling has come to though. You look at a french house song’s style of sampling and compare it to modern-day pop’s and it’s just sickening how lazy the latter is.

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