First Impressions Attila vs Falling in Reverse (DoucheCore Showdown)


11 thoughts on “First Impressions Attila vs Falling in Reverse (DoucheCore Showdown)”

  1. You guys should do a first impressions on Touche Amore or La Dispute. I’d really be interested in seeing what you guys would think of them.

  2. YES! I remembered a band almost as bad as falling in Reverse but has respect as if they were good.

    The transplants which is Tim Armstrong of rancid and Travis barkers rap group.
    Theirs also some other twat in it who just yells and try’s to act hard.

  3. attila is literally the musical interepation of the standard youtube commentors, blantant raunchy rage with no logical back up, reasoning or even a purpose

  4. My last comment was due to apple products, I was going to write do a first impressions of Hed pe. They are really bad

  5. Here’s why I think people like songs that brag about how much better they are: escapism. People slot themselves into the song so they can feel as awesome as the person they’re listening to. If they don’t think they have anything of there own to feel bad ass about, being given a persona that does to slip yourself into is the next best thing. Of course I don’t know why so many people want to be like the annoying jack asses who makes these songs-especially in cases when it’s someone who has no real fame or talent to brag about like Falling in Reverse.

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