Billboard Top 20 Summer 2013 Review


18 thoughts on “Billboard Top 20 Summer 2013 Review”

  1. 20. I’m neutral towards this song. I just don’t like Mac Miller.
    18. I hate Jason Derulo and I hate this song. I hate the excessive Autotune on this song. Why is he still around?
    17. Haven’t heard it. I don’t get what the hype around Avicii (though he came to my school once) and his type/contemporaries.
    16. Haven’t heard this either. However, I do agree that Ellie Goulding is a pretty decent vocalist.
    15. I don’t like this song very much. Probably because ‘What Makes You Beautiful” plays at least once a day on the local adult contemporary station that plays at my workplace.
    11. Agree. I love this song so much.
    10. Ugh. This song plays too much as well. Agree about “Adam Levine + 4.” Agree about this not sounding like Maroon 5. I hate this song.
    9. This song is okay. Plays a bit too much, though.
    8. I admit, this song is okay-ish. It’s a bit repetitive and is played a bit too much on the Top 40 stations, though.
    7. This song is okay, though your piece on disco has brought this song down in my ranks. Agree about it being fun the first couple times only.
    6. This song is okay. I’ve just heard it too much.
    3. This song has grown on me a lot. I like it. Agree about it being one of the best songs of the summer.
    2. Ugh. tired of this song.
    1. I’m honestly neutral to this song, though it is growing on me a bit.

  2. I don’t understand the appeal of Ellie Goulding. I heard her vocals irritating but I guess she’s not as popular as Britney Spears or Katy Perry so it’s ok to defend her. As for Macklemore’s Same Love, I just hope the song isn’t bashing religion in general (I’m a Muslim but I have many Christian/Jewish friends). I had the same problem with Hopsin’s Ill Mind 5/6 songs but at least Macklemore’s song is well composed and it affects are more releatable to the singer than what Hopsin tried to preach. As for Miley Cyrus, how can anyone tolerate anything that song? Todd bashed that song perfectly, it’s too boring to be a party song and Mike Will Made It just flat out sucks.

  3. Oh god I was on the floor when you were talking about “The Way”. #rekt Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Great video

  4. Just wanted to say that the get lucky music video isn’t a official release. It was made out of a short preview video to promote the singles release. The short preview was later edited and looped to stretch out for the full song time. I know the edited video does get aired on some tv channels but I can assure you its not a real full music video. Daft Punk did go out of there way to say that they didn’t want to release any music videos (yet) as they wanted to bring the music back to a time before mtv (or something like that).

  5. Ugh, We can’t stop will NEVER grow on me. Miley’s voice is nasally and horrifying. As for “Blurred Lines”, the controversy surrounding the video is surfaced around the UNCENSORED version, where the models are all topless lol.

  6. Did you not know about the “explicit” version of the Blurred Lines video? That one was the only reason why it garnered so much controversy. All the women were topless in it and a #1 song with boobs is a no-no in America.

  7. Hey Mues, here’s a fun suggestion for First Impressions: a pop rock edition, featuring one of the new Fall Out Boy tracks (‘The Phoenix’, ‘Alone Together’, ‘Young Volcanoes’, take your pick) vs. ‘Ms. Jackson’ from Panic! At The Disco vs. ‘By Now’ by Marianas Trench (actually, ‘Desperate Measures’ or ‘Stutter’ by Marianas Trench would fit pretty well too).

  8. I agree with you completely on that Zedd song. Foxes has an amazing voice, and you should definitely check out some of her other work if you haven’t already. As for We Can’t Stop, it wasn’t all that terrible at first listen, but it gradually grew more and more irritating as I continued to hear it. I’m not sure whether or not I like Blurred Lines. The lyrics bother me, but it’s a really catchy song.

  9. Blurred Lines is also ripped straight out the Marvin Gaye Song Book.(Got To Give It Up) Surprised you didn’t notice that. Robin Thicke has others songs that are direct rips of Troubled Man and After the Dance and that is why ROBIN THICKE SUCKS. He’s ALAN THICKES SON for god sakes. I thought perhaps you might have better knowledge of music based on some of your past videos.

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