Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs (w/ The Rap Critic)


27 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs (w/ The Rap Critic)”

  1. I have to agree for the most part. Although i find the D12 song to be funny (doesnt mean it didnt suck though)

    I feel his best song was lose yourself. And since 2002 he has just lost any creative flair he had. Can he still spit lines? Yes but he has been making crap. I got encore when it came out and found some tracks to be funny but overall useless. I didnt get relapse as i heard it was crap. And then i heard recovery was solid, for the most part I find it to be crap as well and was disappointed in the purchase.
    I cant believe its been 11 years since the eminem show. Oh well.

  2. I enjoyed Relapse more than Recovery (not a fan of most of the production) and Encore (lacking both lyrics and production value throughout the majority of the album), though I understand the criticism of the album.
    I thought Fack was going to be somewhere on the list, but I didn’t predict it would be #1. Great list!

  3. Maybe a rule of no songs from encore could have made things a bit more interesting. I knew even before starting the video that the majority would be from it, so trying that rule would make choosing them more varied.

  4. how did you not realize that Encore has intentionally bad songs as like a fuck you to his critics. I honestly hate Recovery and I think Encore is bad, but Recovery is trying to be good and just ends up being bad, Encore is trying to be bad but ends up being funny. If you don’t find the humor, whatever, that’s subjective.

    1. But they’re still shit. Using them as a dis to the critics doesn’t make them any better, the whole album is still a train wreck.

  5. While I can’t argue with the majority of the critiquing here, I must say, why did you guys feel the need to call this “The Top Ten Worst Eminem Songs”? Why not just review Encore instead? As for the Relapse songs being dishonorable mentions, I can’t imagine what you’re thinking. Relapse is excellent, and that includes the songs in this video. Beautiful is, while perhaps corny, extremely personal and the true thought process of anyone taking the first steps out of a dark place. Crack a Bottle isn’t great, but I can think of plenty of songs that are worse. Insane has subject matter that may seem like a lackluster attempt at creating shock value, but the rhyme schemes are incredible (like the rest of the album).

    1. this song is amazing and so is the album muse is wrong and right. encore sucks yes recovery sucked 2 but space bound 25 to life and cold wind blows were amazing.
      slim shady lp. mmlp. relapse. infinite. mmlp2, all amazing. rap god kills all mainstream rap

  6. Your obession with ICP is sad. ICP dissed Eminem first but you ignore that cause you’re a ICP fanboy or should I say juggalo

    1. ICP has ALWAYS been better than Eminem. “Tolerable”? Yes, I suppose writing lyrics that actually mean something beneath the profanity means that they’re “bad” to an Eminem fanboy. You are a moron.

  7. Is it bad that I only agree with a few of these song choices? I liked Puke, I liked Evil Deeds, I liked That D12 song, I liked Big Weenie. My 1st Single, was bad on purpose, I believe. Eminem was making fun of the fact that his 1st singles aren’t good. I don’t like the song that much, though. I loved Mockingbird, because of it’s sentimentality, however the ending with the Slim Shady twist shouldn’t have been included. I liked Rain Man, because it was so stupid, that I couldn’t help but like it. Just Lose it, I like this song, don’t ask me how or why, but I like it. Ass Like That had a catchy beat. Beautiful, while a little corny, is a good song. Crack a Bottle was meh. Insane was one of those songs I usually skip. Fack, I don’t really like… But it’s actually based on a South Park episode. I watch South Park regularly and enjoy that episode, so when I heard this I was like “Oh yeah… but why…” Then I think about the career suicide that Mues brought up. Eminem, at that point in time, didn’t want to be in the rap game, so maybe he did this on purpose. However, him coming back wasn’t unfortunate, Mues. I like his new albums. And MMLP2, while not available at the time you made this video, was great.

  8. encore sucks recovery sucked 2 but space bound 25 to life and cold wind blows were amazing.
    but slim shady lp mmlp. relapse. and infinite mmlp2 all amazing. rap god kills all mainstream rap. Eminems best rapper. then 2pac. then big.

  9. What’s with the random ICP bashing? I like Eminem, but ICP has always been better than Eminem, and I can’t fathom why anyone who isn’t trolling or massively high on bathsalts would think otherwise. Course, you think Rage Against the Machine is good music, so I’m not surprised that you make bizarre statements like this.

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