“Prism” by Katy Perry Album Review


3 thoughts on ““Prism” by Katy Perry Album Review”

  1. I’ve never been a Katy Perry fan, and this album didn’t change my mind about her in the slightest. Every song sounds like something that other artists already did, and these re-hashes don’t come close to what they’re ripping-off.

  2. Did you think Katy Perry and her team put the singles (or songs that are single-potential) to the front of the line (tracks 1-7) and to avoid having it be an EP they put some filler, faux-gospel-esque songs towards the back of the album? The first half the album does not match up with the last half, and there’s no clear transition either. At least “Teenage Dream” (an album full of singles) was more consecutive with it’s sounds, themes, and the way it transitioned from song to song. This seemed slapped together, especially the latter half.

    Both Katy and Gaga are grasping at the straws. Both females literally threw out four singles out to the radio before their albums were even released. Katy released “Roar”, “Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)”, “Walking On Air”, and now “Unconditionally” as singles within one month, none are on the charts. Or at least not very high. Same with Gaga. She released “Applause”, “Venus”, “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)” and “Dope” all within a month and the only mildly successful single was the R. Kelly joint (which is overrated) and now she’s milking THAT (she’s releasing a new version as a single featuring rapper Rick Ross. Oh jeez). It’s not about “art” and “music” anymore as they keep claiming. It’s about money. We know it, and they know it.

    But I loved your review! Are you gonna do ARTPOP?

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