“Marshal Mathers LP 2” Album Review


11 thoughts on ““Marshal Mathers LP 2” Album Review”

  1. MMLP2 is ok for me. Better than anything he has done in years but still just below average. His rhyme schemes are still top notch as is his flow but his lyrical content is patchy at best and his production and hooks are garbage. Just like every other Eminem album that was released past Encore. He didn’t even have good flow or rhyme schemes on Encore….

  2. I found this album to be pretty good, though some songs I skip right over. I only liked Recovery for the first listen or two and then got bored of it fast, so maybe that does have some influence over my opinion of this album. MMLP2, I feel, takes elements from all of his other albums and clusterfucks them together. It’s a mixed bag of an album, but overall I enjoyed it. Not his best, but certainly not his worst.

  3. I kinda think of this album as Eminem’s Death Magnetic. To say it would be a step up from the last one would not be saying much, though it has both genuinely good and genuinely shit songs.

  4. I am also getting tired of the homophobic slurs that he uses. I took a break from eminem after encore and came back to his older stuff years later and was immediately made uncomfortable by it. I sort of figured he would change with the times, i guess not though. Althouh there is less fag usage in this than his older stuff.
    That being said i considered his last 3 albums to be trash. I actually prefer monster to love the way you lie. Partly because i just hated that song. Im glad to see him closing the book to some of his go to stuff, and revisiting some themes from the MMLP. But immediately that makes me place this below the mmlp, its just piggybacking off of it. I do consider the eminem show to be better than his as well, overall stronger songs and a good mix of humor.

    If i had to give MMLP2 a rating based on his best work being a 5 and his worst being a 1. I put this somewhere between 3-3.5. Its solid, and i may download some songs.

    Thanks for doing this review.

  5. I’ve never been a huge fan of Em, with Without Me really being the only song I regularly listen to. I honestly loved Berzerk and So Far, Berzerk for it’s beat (putting sampling and scratching back into hip-hop. Aw yeah.), and So Far was just hilarious, and I really liked it’s message about how he’ll always be who he is, no matter how much money he makes or how old he gets.

  6. this is probably his best album since the eminem show but if it went slim shady lp mmlp eminem show and mmlp2 this album would seem just as bad as encore

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