Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2013


22 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Pop Songs of 2013”

  1. 10: agreed, shouldn’t have charted at all.
    9: agreed, not funny… at all.
    8: Disagreed, I’ve always thought this song was okay.
    6: Agreed, but I’d rather pretend this doesn’t exist
    5: Partially agreed. I dislike it, but I don’t hate it.
    4: Partially disagreed. Bad verses, decent beat.
    3: Agreed, though I would’ve put it a bit lower.
    2: Terrible, but doesn’t deserve to be #2
    1: I KNEW IT! I F****** KNEW THIS WOULD BE YOUR #1 as soon as it wasn’t your #2, 3, 4, or 5
    I hate this song, but Scream and Shout is probably a bit worse.

  2. Whoever said that the only solace she found in music was in “Pop” music is a fucking idiot. I’m sorry, but you don’t have to look very far to find albums that came out in 2013 better then the shit that get’s played on the radio. Even WITHIN that shit there are certainly better songs then “Pour it up”. God damn, if this is shit women find empowering these days, it’s no wonder our sexulity is still to getting exploited by popular media.

    2013 has been very VERY unkind to rap and I don’t just mean quality wise either. I mean, popularity wise. Sure, you have some artist like Macklemore and Eminem but outside of that these songs have been charting all that well. Just two years ago rap was the most dominant genre on the charts. Now only about handful even make it in the top 20 much less become popular enough to leave a mark. I think the ONLY reason Tity Boi even has any music out in mild rotation is because Young Money invested so much money in him, they are trying to get it back. Lil Wayne may as well be dead, Nicki Minaj has disappeared, and Drake had maybe two popular singles this year, so they NEEDED 2chains to become huge. Honestly though, that hasn’t really happened.

  3. I think what bothered people about Rick Ross’ rape comment wasn’t that he made it for shock value, but just for how casually he brought it up like it’s routine.

    I hated the Harlem Shake, talk about a failed meme, it barely lasted a week.

    Country music is becoming a parody of itself more and more.

    There seems to be a lot of rap songs with several rappers, rap nowadays is in such a toilet that they have to rely on several names to get attention.

    The rest aren’t even worth mentioning. What an awful year for pop music, one of the absolute worst.

  4. I’m kinda disappointed in that you left off the most disgusting song of the year in “Bitches Love Me” by Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Future. There is nothing good about that “song”. The beat is lazy and makes you go to sleep, Future’s autotuned rap is crap, Drake lazily sings the chorus, and Lil’ Wayne’s voice and lyrics are miles worse than UOENO or Pour It Up.

  5. I mostly agree except what you said about Kendrick. I know its your opinion but saying he’s one of the worst rappers is way off base, hell his control verse makes Macklemore look like Big Sean.

  6. Most of the list is pretty good, though I thought that you were going to put “That’s My Kind of Night”, “(Bitches) Love Me” and “Started from the Bottom” on the list.

  7. 10 – Can’t really say I hate it. Definitely makes me wanna dance more than most of the EDM stuff that’s gotten popular this year. Listening to it more than once and gets pretty obnoxious though. I agree that the meme was pretty annoying.
    9 – No arguments here.
    8 – Hayley William’s vocals never really bothered me. She isn’t a great singer, but she’s passable. The guitars are pretty catchy, so I kinda like it.
    7 – Agreed. Probably her worst song, imo. At least “Peacock” didn’t go to number one…
    6 – Who the fuck is Rocko?
    5 – I don’t hate this as much as “Scream & Shout”. This is just a snoozefest.
    4 – As a big Kendrick fan, this song horribly misrepresents him if you ask me. Just listen to the song “HiiiPower” if you want to see what the hype really is about. I enjoyed A$AP’s first mixtape too, but he’s really only an average rapper. With that said, I can’t really say I have too much hate for this song either way. It’s just a typical boast rap song. I don’t think it’s as bad as U.O.E.N.O.
    3 – I’m not gonna be as apologetic to 2 Chainz. He is pretty bad. I haven’t heard this song the whole way through though. Nor do I really care to.
    2 – Blake Shelton doesn’t piss me off as much as Luke Bryan or FGL, but he’s still a huge tool. This song sucks.
    1 – This isn’t Rihanna’s worst song, but I think I’ve had enough of her too…

  8. Kendrick’s verse on Fuckin Problems doesn’t represent him that well at all. Check out his albums good kid, m.A.A.d city and Section 80 to see his real talent.

  9. Look, I love your videos Mues, but you can’t judge a rapper (like Kendrick) by guest verses you hear on songs by other pop rappers (like A$AP). It ends up just embarassing you (I would know, I was guilty of this at one point)

      1. Sorry, I didn’t see the video where you said that. I don’t have a problem if you don’t like Kendrick, I just was afraid you were basing your opinion on his less-than-great verses, and didn’t know you had looked into him already. Sorry about the misunderstanding

  10. If you like The Only Exception by Paramore then you may like I Hate To See Your Heart Break, or Last Hope or one of the “country sounding” interludes. I don’t know have you not heard their latest album “Paramore”? There was things from pop rock, to country, to a No Doubt sound, and all with a Paramore still for their fans on some of their songs. I don’t know I really enjoyed it.

  11. I know this may sound like a mean question but I’m genuinely serious. I know you’ve hated a lot of Rihanna songs, and i know that you probably haven’t heard all of most of her albums, but have you ever liked any songs Rihanna has done? Like we don’t know how you feel about her earlier catalog like Music of The Sun, or A Girl Like Me back when she was popular, but no where near like she is now.

  12. You’re the kind of guy who never allows old school rap to be compared to anything because you think “nope can’t touch it’s impossible will never lose power” but if you opened your mind a bit you might see different. Saying kendrick and rocky are trash is simply wrong. I realize music is subjective but how can you listen to any of their projects and think that it’s a bad album. Oh that’s right you haven’t heard any of them but still think they suck. my bad I thoughts you actually knew what you were talking about for a second.

  13. I remember hearing Pour It Up on the radio and waiting for a first verse, Instead, I got what appeared to be an extended chorus followed by another chorus.

    Also, I like Kendrick, but seeing him on that A$AP song disappointed me.

  14. Yawn who cares what a ICP fan thinks and you totally missed the point on the fox song which doesn’t surprise me and the only reason I watched this video. And I find it really stupid when somebody says “it’s not funny” who the fuck are you to tell anybody what is funny or not?

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