Billboard Top 10 Review February 2014



8 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 Review February 2014”

  1. Number 10: AGREE. The minute I heard this song I had to hear more. I love Bastille haunting instrumentals (especially the drums) and the lead singer’s vocals are amazing. I definetely recomend listening to their whole album Bad Blood cause you will fall in love with their sound. I agree that they should chart higher like they did in the U.K.

    Number 9: AGREE. I really enjoyed Royals cause its so different from other pop songs that are on the radio. The same goes for Team. I’m happy Lorde isn’t a one hit wonder and I hope we hear more from her in the future.

    Number 8: AGREE. I feel like Beyonce has gotten more and more boring with her music (her other single XOXO is a snooze fest). She has put out so many upbeat songs like Who Run the World and 1+1. And Jay Z dosen’t offer anything special either. I do agree with you that if any other artist put this song out no one would care.

    Number 7: I’ll keep it short this song is okay even though play it all the time.

    Number 6: Surprisingly KE$HA is the saving grace of this song, the rest of it is a mess

    Number 5: I couldn’t agree with you more. This song is horrid.

    Number 4: DISAGREE. I don’t like this song and I feel like I am the only one. Its just really boring and repatitive. But I do like Christina’s vocals I don’t know, guess its just me.

    Number 3: AGREE. This song is pretty catchy its probably the saxophone playing and the tounge and cheek lyrics. Although I can do without the 2 Chains verse.

    Number 2: DISAGREE I guess.I love this song so much. Its so upbeat and gets me in such a good mood. I get so excited when it gets played on the radio and I am glad it is getting played alot. Like I said with Lorde I really hope we hear more from Pharell.

    Number 1: AGREE. What else can I say, the song is boring.

  2. Totally agree with everything especially that horrid Katy Perry song. Its just so boring I couldn’t even get through listening to it once. The video just seems like its going to be so self indulgent, she has to get over herself.

  3. 10. I’m not a fan of the song but I’ll tell you what I do like *AHEM* “Don’t you monkey with the monkey” AWWWWWW YEAH
    9. Better than Royals, but seriously they need to keep this off my rock stations IT’S NOT ROCK!!!
    8. Glad I’m not the only one who is sick to death of those two.
    7. Sounds like every other contemporary rock artist to come out in the past 3 decades
    6. HEY I remember this Pitbull song from 2007…wait what?….this is RECENT? Damn Pitbull sure hasn’t changed
    4. Not bad at all
    3. More douchey rappers just enjoying their 15 minuets of fame, they can spice it up with trumpets all they want, but who would take you seriously if you throw in 2 chains on the track?
    2. Pharell only did about 50 minuets of good music and that was all on the first N.E.R.D. record, nearly everything else was crap.
    1. Yeah it sucks. But I’d plow dat 😉

    Well that sums up what I have to say. Stay Loco

  4. This is random, but I just wanted to say that I’ve faithfully been watching your videos since 2009, even when you changed websites a few times to post videos.Your rants and music reviews are hilarious and so entertaining, and keep up the good work man. 🙂

  5. Number 10: Neutral: I’ve never actually head this song before.

    Number 9: Disagree: Royals i liked, but then it was really overplayed (not on radio, because i don’t listen to that, but everyone around here in Indiana was & is constantly listening to it), and it made me grow to not be able to stand it. Royals is still a good song though. Team though, as a follow up, i find it as an extremely bland song, and has nothing that is remember-able to be after it goes off at all. Instead when it goes off I’m just simply happy its over.

    Number 8: Disagree: I hated Run The World, and didn’t care for XO that preceded this either. When i first heard this i didn’t care for it either, however I’ve actually grown to like it which kind of shames me to admit. I find that it is one of those songs for me when i examine it i don’t like like it, but its one of those songs that when it comes on i can’t help but sing along, and parts of it unwillingly get stuck in my head which is enough to keep me going back. A Guilty pleasure i guess.

    Number 7: I’m writing this after the video was over and dont want to watch the ads just to find out which one was #7 again… Next one then 🙂

    Number 6: Agree: i kind of agree here. I like Ke$ha’s part in the song, and i love the music. Pitbulls parts however are effortless, lazy, pretentious, and forgettable.

    Number 5: AGREE: Again this is after the video so not sure but i think this may have been Passenger’s “Let Her Go”. I could absolutely not agree more, finally someone else sees what i see! His voice is just absolutely grinding to my paitence, and i can not even remotely tolerate this song, the song itself isn’t good either, but with the vocals he has I just simply don’t see me ever liking a song by him, hopefully we never hear from him again.

    Number 4: AGREE: I do think #4 is way to high for it, I don’t like it that much, however i do still enjoy the song. It is overplayed here in Indiana, however it is still a good song, and i do enjoy Christina’s vocals very much. It’s odd Christina’s quite often in other peoples hit songs still, yet she hasn’t had a hit of her own since 2008 with “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, unless you count “Your Body” reaching #20 on Pop Songs in 2012… I don’t. 🙂

    Number 3: AGREE. I do enjoy the song slightly, but not much. The thing that made me really like this song was seeing it in a certain video on YouTube that made me see it in a different way. I enjoy it, as long as it don’t start being played a lot here.

    Number 2: Disagree. What what I gathered you didn’t really love it or hate it, I however absolutely hate it. This song even placed #3 this week on my personal worst songs of the week chart. #2 was The Man, and i hope and pray that that song never enters the top 10!!! As for “Happy” i do hate it, and always have, It’s not shitty necessarily, however I don’t think it’s good enough to be in the top 1,000 songs let alone at #2! The fact it gets played as much as it does just makes me grow to hate it even more and more.

    Number 1: Disagree. I know that you don’t but I’ve always liked Katy Perry ever since “One Of The Boys”. I know that you don’t care for Top 40 radio in the way I do, thats actually why i watch to see someone else’s perspective on it all.

    Also, have you seen Rebecca Black’s new song, Saturday ft Dave Dayes?

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