The Worst Songs of 1999

Taking a brief look back in time, Mues reviews the worst songs from the turn of the millennium.


23 thoughts on “The Worst Songs of 1999”

  1. So you made this list specifically for the purpose of mentioning Will 2K (according to your FaceBook post,) but it wasn’t even on the list? Could it have not been #8, at least?

    1. The song isn’t that bad so I wouldn’t have included it anyway. Also, I shared the song on the page when I was considering that line being the clip between songs. It wasn’t the reason for the countdown

  2. 7. *shrugs* I’m honestly kinda neutral to this song.
    6. Yeah, I’m tired of this song. Probably because of all the movie trailers it was in. I think I remember hating this song even as an 8-year old in this year.
    5. The lyrics are stupid, but this song is okay. Being a rocket scientist is impressive, IMO.
    4. Haven’t heard it, strangely enough. I actually didn’t mind “Meet Virginia.”
    3. This is honestly a massive guilty pleasure of mine.
    2. See #7, though it has gotten stuck in my head multiple times.
    1. CALLED IT. I agree so much. I knew this would be on the list somewhere.

  3. This makes me glad that I was 5 years old at the time and can’t remember any of these crappy songs, though I do like …Baby One More Time.

    Also: lol at “Crash Course Pop Music”

  4. Aww, I really like Six Pence the Richer. They’re not for everyone but hey, I actually really appreciate the visual and imaginative songwriting.
    Sugar Ray, I used to have a crush on the lead singer….that’s really all the fuck I remember about that band.

  5. 7. I think this was probably her best song and that just shows how bad she is
    6. Even at 7 years old I HATE HATE HATED Sixpence None the Richer
    5. This was kinda eh for me, it wasn’t my favorite song but I didn’t mind that it was popular
    4. I wasn’t a big fan of the song but the chorus was too catchy to not like it just a little
    3 & 2. I have to disagree I liked these songs so much that I still listen to them
    1. The lyrics were so fucking stupid that you couldn’t not hate it, though I do remember liking their other song “Girl On TV” for some reason.

  6. 7. Completely agree
    6. Hated it then, hate it now. I had no idea they were Christian though, you learn something new everyday.
    5. Not a bad song, thanks for the video. 😉 😉 I just wish she could be my wife
    4. More generic late 90’s pop rock, that song really had nothing to offer
    3. I remember when they used to be heavy, their first 2 albums were pretty badass. 14:59 only had one good song and that was the first track, of course it was a joke track.
    2. Guilty pleasure of mine, again thanks for the video. The chick was pretty hot.
    1. “New kids on the block suck a lot of dick, boy/girl groups make me sick, and I can’t wait til I catch all you faggots in public I’ma love it”.

    So no Blue (Daba De), Backstreet’s Back, or Livin Da Vida Loco….I mean Loca

    Well I can tell you the best song of 1999 no fuck it the best ALBUM of 1999 *drumrolls* CHAMBER MUSIC!!!!

    Stay Loco my friend Don’t you monkey with the monkey

  7. Ok I thought that Sixpence None the Richer’s song was very good, though I do agree that the lyrics are pretty stupid, same goes for all the songs, but musically, they are all very good songs!!!!! The summer girls is the only song which I never heard before and was not very good. However, All these songs beat the shit they make today!

    1. I agree, the instrumentation was actually rather good for most of the tracks except for “Summer Girls” which was just generic late 90s.

  8. Hmm…I was thinking that Butterfly song by Crazy Town but realized that came out in like 01……that was and IS an annoying song….and now its stuck in my head….

  9. Great video, I love these countdowns more than any of your other videos and I watch almost all of what you upload. By the way, are you going to do more album reviews? I loved how in-depth you were on Kanye’s MBDTF, for example.

  10. #7 – Eh, Britney Spears cannot sing.
    #6 – The vocals are nice, but the lyrics can be really lame.
    #5 – Lame song.
    #4 – This was just a weird song in general. Used to like it, now I don’t really.
    #3 – I liked it back in the day, and nowadays it is rather catchy.
    #2 – One of my favorites from 1999, actually. I liked Bachman’s vocals, and the guitar riffs I thought were pretty good.
    #1 – Definitely the lamest song of 99. Lyrics were so bad. Just ugh.

    Most of these would not be my choices for worst songs of 1999, personally.

  11. You missed a few songs including, but not limited too:
    Back That Azz Up by Juvenile ft. Mannie Fresh & Lil’ Wayne (otherwise known as the song that inflicted Lil’ Wayne onto the population)
    Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias (inflicted Enrique’s Latin loverboy gimmick onto the population)
    Believe by Cher (Cher can’t sing)
    Can I Get A… by Jay-Z ft. Amil & Ja Rule (for misogyny)
    Give It To You by Jordan Knight (for lameness)
    Take Me There by Blackstreet ft. Mya, Mase & Blinky Blink (annoying Rugrats sample)

    Also, you forgot to mention in your review of That Don’t Impress Me Much that Shania’s hit before it was From This Moment On, one of the most romantic songs ever recorded with a woman pledging her love to her man promising him that no matter how bad things get in their lives, she will always love him.

  12. 7 – The song has a great beat, powerful,soulful vocals, and it’s catchy, it’s Britneys best song
    6 – Relaxing song to listen to I like it
    5 – it’s okay
    4 – it’s okay
    3 – Guilty pleasure
    2 – love this song
    1 – made my ears start to bleed

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