Billboard Bottom 10 April 2014 Review


Since it takes forever for the Top 10 to change out, this week, Mues takes a look at Billboard’s bottom 10 singles including songs from Future, Tim McGraw, Ellie Goulding, Tiesto, Pitbull, Ty Dollar $ign and more!!


10 thoughts on “Billboard Bottom 10 April 2014 Review”

  1. Yikes, you picked an unfortunate week to look at the bottom of the charts. Some pretty foul shit there.

    Oh, and fun fact: ‘Wild, Wild Love”s chord progression was openly stolen from Kesha’s ‘Last Goodbye’, a much better song that was on the bonus disk of her album. You can thank Dr. Luke for that bit of hackery.

  2. GameGrumps? last thing i expected to see but hey i’m not complaining. i think the bottom 10 idea is great for a change of pace.

    1. Game Grumps are one of the only worthwhile “‘let’s play” channels on the internet! Most likely because it stars two comedians….who are actually funny for a change!

  3. Interesting to see what’s in the bottom 10 of the Billboard charts. Looks like some awful stuff, aside from that Latch song and Beating Heart, which are okay songs but not great. And the rap really sucks. Pharrell was on par with Nicki Minaj’s “Looking Ass N*ggas” with the amount of times he used the word in that one verse.

  4. I honestly don’t understand why Tiesto needs to sell out. He used to sound a LOT different (not really my taste, but whatever) and he was chosen as best dj of the world. Multiple times. He probably won’t get that honor again with singles like these.

  5. I am honestly surprised to see Hillsong being on the list, as I never paid any attention to the charts at all. But yeah, I go to their church (actually, an extension service, not the main campus), while I do enjoy their sermons, their songs were okay, I used to like them when they were playing rock style worship songs (songs like Break Free, You Deserve, Take It All etc) ,now they’re just playing generic dance/trance songs. Even though the slow songs haven’t really changed much over the past few years,. I have noticed a decline in quality in their songwriting in those type of songs as well, not just the “fast” songs. Oceans is nothing compared to older songs like Power Of Your Love, Hosanna, Saviour King, With Everything and so many more. Oh well.

  6. Tiesto could be the posterboy for changing your style based on trends. The dude used to make decent, if repetitive, trance. Around 2008, he started doing electro-house, and it was all downhill from there.

  7. That Disclosure song might not be phenomenal, but they released two other singles “When a Fire Starts to Burn” and “F for You” that are absolutely fantastic. The first is one of the best workout songs I’ve heard in my life, and the second has a pretty unique feel. To the credit of “Latch”, it doesn’t have to rely on a beat drop to be memorable, which already puts Disclosure ahead of Zedd, Avicii, and the like.

    I’m a pretty big fan of “Move That Dope” for several reasons. Future isn’t using autotune and has removed his only major obstacle in the process. I also have a thing for songs about drug dealing when they’re done right – such as most of Clipse’s songs and the new album Pinata by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – they can be very exciting. Pusha T and Pharrell, each from Clipse, have solid verses in my opinion. On top of that, Mike WiLL Made-It has finally produced a beat that isn’t downright obnoxious, and is actually pretty damn hard-hitting. This reminds me of when Scott Storch produced “Shutterbugg” by Big Boi and got lauded for it. Overall, a pretty damn great hip hop song.

  8. “Latch” is also not really a simplification of DIsclosure’s sound for radio play – “White Noise” was a bigger hit in the UK and it was way more adventurous,

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