“Wiggle” by Jason Derulo (Mues Reviews)


5 thoughts on ““Wiggle” by Jason Derulo (Mues Reviews)”

  1. How can you not hate this song?!

    Sure, Talk Dirty was fun enough, but this just came off as a lazily made song trying to recapitalize on the hype of Talk Dirty.
    Also that chorus is ALL levels of boring.
    I’m not against Jason trying to make a fun song, but god he should at least TRY when he makes one.

  2. No, no, no, no, no. I respect your opinion a lot but this song (and “Talk Dirty”) are his worst songs to date. Actually, I prefer “Talk Dirty” to this song, because at least that song was somewhat genuine. This song, however, is basically the same as “Talk Dirty” but it’s trying too hard to replicate what that song did just for another #1 spot and a few more thousand dollars in Jason’s pockets (but millions in the label’s pockets).

    I feel like both Jason and his label are letting the success of “Talk Dirty” go to their heads. The guy even renamed his album from “Tattoos” (which he released overseas first and as a five-track EP in the states) to “Talk Dirty”, using the image of the “Talk Dirty” single as the album cover. Not only that, he also re-recorded the whole album and basically did remixes of “Talk Dirty”, “Wiggle being one of them. Hell, if you look at the track listing for “Tattoos” and “Talk Dirty”, they’re completely different. “Tattoos” has a mix of club songs (that aren’t obnoxious) and love songs, meanwhile “Talk Dirty” just feels and sounds like a compilation of remixes of the single.

    His singles “Marry Me”, “The Other Side”, “Vertigo” featuring his fiancĂ©/wife Jordin Sparks, “Tattoo”, and songs from the full length LP that deals with love are way better than this garbage. I can’t respect this guy anymore. He’s not a true artist. And he actually had the balls to say that the “Talk Dirty” album is personal for him…. HA. What a joke.

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