MUES Reviews “Rude” by Magic!


4 thoughts on “MUES Reviews “Rude” by Magic!”

  1. This review does a pretty good job of pointing out the flaws in “Rude” (personally, the deal-breaker for me is the unbearably cheesy hook). That said, are you doing any album reviews anymore? If not, Ab-Soul’s “These Days” is getting some good buzz – or, if you’re looking for something easy to trash, Gucci Mane’s July 4th album.

    On a related note, you could also do a special “Lesser of Two Evils” regard so-called new rap classics “Tha Carter III” & “good kid M.A.A.D. City” to assess how they measure up. I know you’ve covered both artists to an extent, but I think they warrant reassessment because 1) even given C3’s flaws, your earlier review’s too kneejerk to really be an accurate review, and 2) weak album cuts & singles notwithstanding, Kendrick is still widely popular and – more germanely, considered legitimately talented – and he deserves at least an album review before being dismissed (in fact I remember you saying that was why you withheld judgment on Nas & 2Pac as artists).

  2. The funny thing is that the first time I ever truly heard the verses is when I watched the video.

    Every other time I heard it on radio or something, they just blended into nothingness, and even now immediately after watching the review I couldn’t tell you more than like, 5 words in them.

    The chorus is repetitive as all hell, catchy sure but not a good kind of catchy, more the kind of catchy that it gets in your head and never fucking leaves.

    I wouldn’t say it’s entirely terrible but it’s still not great.

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