Worst Songs of 2003

We’re headed all the way back to 2003 to count down the ten worst songs of the year with appearances by Puddle of Mudd, Jewel, 50 Cent and More!


15 thoughts on “Worst Songs of 2003”

  1. The smirk that crossed my face when Darryl Worley landed at the top of your list was massive, because speaking a country fan, he deserves to be there. The man was a one-hit wonder even in country and had a reputation for being a hack even then, but the truly repellent political angle came in the attempted correlation of the upcoming Iraq war with 9/11 and al-Qaeda, which was proven many times to have no ties to Iraq or Saddam Hussein at that time. So not only was it a confrontational guilt-trip trying to drive up recruitment for an unjust war, it was doing so with fucking LIES.

    Ugh, fuck that song. Regardless, nice work.

  2. 10. Guilty pleasure. Holy shit, the nostalgia.
    9. I always thought that song came out earlier. Eh, it was okay, though the lyrics were stupid.
    8. Agree.
    7. Haven’t heard it.
    6. I thought this came out in 2001. Guilty pleasure.
    5. I feel like this song is only good for dance parties, and no other occasion.
    4. What a coincidence, I just watched Rap Critic’s review of this. Not really into it. RIP Nate Dogg.
    3. Agree. I think I remember hating this song even as a kid.
    2. Eh, these songs are okay. I respect Missy Elliott. Agree about the beats.
    1. Haven’t heard it.

  3. Daniel Bedingfield had another hit “Gotta Get Thru This” that was 900 times better. Not only was it more personal and catchy but it also made Daniel Bedingfield sound great! Also, Puddle Of Mudd was alright. They were definitely better than bands like Audioslave and Trapt. I was so suprised you didn’t put Sean Paul’s Get Busy,”Baby Boy,” or “Shake Ya Tailfeather.”

  4. The lead singer of Puddle Of Mudd bares a striking resemblance to Edge.

    You know, I never caught the Beastie Boys sample in “Work It”. I guess I have to go listen to it again.

    I never even *heard* “Have You Forgotten”, but it reminds me a bit of that Alan Jackson song “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning” that came out a year or so after 9/11.

  5. I had no idea John Mayer wrote that song at age 14 that makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Though I was around that age when the song came out and I thought it was hot back then so maybe that’s fitting.

    I’ve never even heard the #1 song that is godawful. What a piece of shit.

  6. Mues, you forgot or didn’t know that the Puddle of Mudd song is a ripoff of “I Saw Your Mommy” from Suicidal Tendencies’ first album (the one with Institutionalized on it).

  7. 10. Nothing about that was Big Band…That is a slap in the face to guys like Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman. It’s just her trying to sell albums right down to the skimpy outfit.

    9. It’s corny, generic chord structure and nothing special.

    8. This is when rap became far more generic…and when I started loosing interest and the annoying voice jumping.

    7. Hated Nelly then…Hate him now…

    6. A rip off of Suicidal Tendency’s – I saw your mommy and your mommy’s dead. A complete ripp off of the riff. It bothered me back then and still does today.

    5. This song ruined my high school years….Though I will admit to openly mocking the song at times.

    4. Not sure how I missed that song…then again I didn’t like 50 cent and at the time I was avoiding the radio like the plague. Also didn’t Jay-z already do something similar to do this concept in 1999? (Can I get a…)

    3. Oh god! Turn it off!!!

    2. I actually like that song…I know the lyrics are stupid…but I think her rapping is fine. Her flow is great and her lyrics are catchy. I don’t mind her sillyness as I feel that her approach is different.

    1. Nope…The death of country music started in 1999 and this song made it worse.

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