First 10 Music Videos on MTV


7 thoughts on “First 10 Music Videos on MTV”

  1. I will always love that MTV started with “Video Killed the Radio Star”. It is such a perfect song for MTV and almost seems like it was created for the TV station, that and the video is so unbelievably 80s that it hurts.

  2. The video which killed the radio star is referring to television/motion pictures spelling the end of old time radio programs like The Shadow and Little Orphan Annie, etc.

  3. There’s channels such as MTV Hits and MTV Jams that play current music videos and I never watch those channels. Not to mention Fuse.

    So, the answer is: No. I wouldn’t watch.

  4. Of course I wouldn’t watch MTV if it went back to covering only music and music videos.

    Because I live in Canada, we don’t even get MTV.

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