First Impressions Reverb Nation Edition

Upon suggestion from Molly, we take a look at two seemingly random artists on Reverb Nation. First, we have Septimius the Great who asks “Who’s the Sexiest,” and then we have a special wrestling themed video from Mongrel.

7 thoughts on “First Impressions Reverb Nation Edition”

    1. Ok yeah smart, promote yourself on a website where most of the people watching will hate you.
      But hey no such thing as bad publicity, isn’t that right Fred Phelps?

      1. You are seriously comparing an obscure entertainer whom you simply don’t like to a homophobic old man who picketed soldiers’ funerals. Think about this for a moment.

      2. Cut that out, shitdick.
        Dude was a good sport and I hope he plugs his shit 17 more times because fuck you.
        Here, I’ll give him props:
        And your Fred Phelps reference was a painfully irrelevant display of reaching. It’s like comparing someone to Stalin for suggesting a video idea, you dolt.

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