Worst Songs of 1994


5 thoughts on “Worst Songs of 1994”

  1. I was 3 years old in 1994, so my comments are based on what I think of these songs now.

    10. I can’t hate this song entirely, though I find it overrated.
    9. As much as deep voices are a huge turn-on for me, I can’t take this song seriously.
    8. I think I heard this song in a yoga class. I think I saw that commercial too.
    7. I always thought that name was one of the worst ever. Haven’t heard that song myself, though. I think I had heard of them from Sister Sister.
    6. Haven’t heard of them or this song.

  2. 10. I do enjoy Meat Loaf. I enjoy all 3 volumes of Bat Out of Hell, but nothing tops the original. This song was decent, but nothing more.
    9. I forgot about this song. I now remember why I forgot about it.
    8. Never heard it before. Sounds mediocre.
    7. Never heard of this one either. That vocal solo…holy shit.
    6. Never heard of this one either. Sounds better than the previous one, but not by much.

  3. I’m most cases I agree with your videos…but not so much with this one. (Not saying that you’re wrong.)

    10. Okay…I will give you that one.

    9. Yes his voice could be annoying…but is he a bad singer for having a deep voice? The chords used in the tune were not common at the time. The Chorus is unique and it’s well written. This is more of a preference thing for you making you look like a conceded non-musician.

    8. I don’t see anything wrong with this tune. It is a tad corny and a product of it’s time but worst? Come on man.

    7. A product of marketing. A super band of little of girls put together for marketing. Thought I wouldn’t mind hearing a group of kids that could sing. It is a bad song though.

    6. It suffered from the typical 90s issue of R&B. Slow jam back beat with smooth Jazz chord progression. I don’t think that the song was that bad but the use of slang words combined with the generic back beat made it hard to listen to.

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