Worst Songs of 2014 (Part Two)


10 thoughts on “Worst Songs of 2014 (Part Two)”

  1. 5. Haven’t heard it, and based on this, I’m glad. I have hated Florida Georgia Line since “Cruise.” I hate when country artists try and sound hip as well. It sounds kinda stupid when they try and be hip-hop-like. Makes me ashamed to have family members who listen to newer country.
    4. Haven’t heard it.
    3. Haven’t heard it. So much country in this countdown. It needs to be called out. Makes me glad that I don’t listen to a lot of newer country. And people don’t seem to listen when I bash newer country for things like this.
    2. AGREE. I thought this came out in 2013. I guess I find it kinda strange that it ended up on this year’s Year End List. PenReviews did a review of this song that I think is funny.
    1. Disagree. I don’t mind this song too much, though I wasn’t as into it as I once was. The song is decent, the video is dumb.

  2. I desagree on # 1. I think it’s almostb great. And the video is awsome. You do make a good case against the artist thought. My # 1 is Rude by Magic. Everytime I hear it, I need to punch someone.

  3. 5. This song is a guilty pleasure for me, honestly. It’s not as bad as “Cruise” in my book. Still, it reeks of “omg we’re so hip”.
    4. Meh, even High School Musica had a better song called I Don’t Dance.
    3. Never been a fan of Aldean. That video is weird.
    2. Oof, this song is bad and Miley’s rapping is just silly.
    1. I have to disagree with you on this one. The vocals can be harsh but I still find this song enjoyable.

  4. Personally, I don’t agree with your Number one. Most of the other songs on the list a way worse. It’s not my favorite song or anything, but I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute worst of the year.

  5. These songs are so bad. I almost couldn’t finish it.
    On Sia:
    I don’t like or dislike her. Yet I don’t know how I feel about this song. I have listened to it and the most I can decide is that I find it underwhelming. Thr song seems like ut wants to build up emotionally, but it doesn’t.
    Though now I have mostly been hearing about the controversy from her latest video rather than her music. Quite frankly, I don’t care, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s rhe most I have ever heard of her.

  6. I agree with your list for the most part except I would take off chandelier because yeah it’s not sia’s best work but it’s doesn’t warrant enough hatred to be on the list let alone the worst song of the year I would actually switch it out with We dem boyz by wiz Khalifa you want to talk about a huge disappointing sellout God damn that song

  7. I agree with you with most of the crap on this list, but I can’t say they are the worst. Florida Georgia Line and that other country dude are a disgrace to country, but they simply don’t have the worst songs. Miley Cyrus is a fad, i forgot about that song. I personally like Chandelier, but I can see where you come from. Buuuut I have heard way more annoying voices this year, including Meghan Trainer, Nikki Manaj, Iggy Azalea (who strangely isn’t on this list), and who can forget that one song by Magic? I don’t prefer most of the songs on here, but they are not the worst. Also, when are you going to do a Billboard top 10 again? its been a while and it’s changed a lot since you last did it.

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