Billboard Top 10 February 2015 Review



5 thoughts on “Billboard Top 10 February 2015 Review”

  1. Thank God somebody’s finally decided to give 80s Funk another whirl. The disco revival was getting a bit stale.

  2. 7. Agree, I like this better than “All About That Bass.”
    5. I actually heard a rock cover of this song that wasn’t too bad.
    4. If Maroon 5 crashed my wedding, I would likely not react like everyone did in the video. It is a cool concept, though.
    3. Agreed. I like this song a lot.
    1. Agree so much. Massive guilty pleasure. I love it.

    1. i completely agree. I’m glad to see a change in today’s music now filled with great tracks that I don’t moan everytime I hear it on the radio.

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