Billboard Bottom 10 March 2015 Review


4 thoughts on “Billboard Bottom 10 March 2015 Review”

  1. Whoa! A pop song actually about Responsibility? Not about drinking excessively every night or being unfaithful? Lunchmoney Lewis is awesome!

  2. 100. I gotta agree with you. It works well in the movie, not so much on the radio.
    99. Cool song by K.Dot. I dig this.
    98. This song is a big pile of meh.
    97. Eh, I’ll take the real Ed Sheeran over this country knockoff.
    96. This is the most boring I’ve ever heard them sound.
    95. I don’t mind this song, it’s all right. The controversy over it is so dumb.
    94. One again, clever lyrics from Kendrick. Nice.
    93. It’s catchy, fun, and I love it. Thank you Lunchmoney Lewis for coming onto the charts.
    92. This song is okay. A step down from Counting Stars, however.
    91. Another Kendrick song…but I certainly ain’t complaining.

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