“Only In Amerika” by Hed PE MUES Reviews (Special Patreon Request)


8 thoughts on ““Only In Amerika” by Hed PE MUES Reviews (Special Patreon Request)”

  1. Hed PE has always been the nu-metal band (besides Limp Bizkit) I’ve like the least. Glad to see my point is proven.

  2. Hey Muse, I’ve been a big fan since around 2009 when you made the Eminem review. I love you reviews and am still a pretty big fan. Anyway, I was wondering what you think about the singer Ne-Yo’s new album Nonfiction 2015. Or maybe one of his older albums. You seem like you know a lot about all different genres of music. Thanks if you read this! 😀

  3. “Loud, unlikeable, insecure, trying way too fucking hard to be shocking 13 year old boys the band” Jesus, can’t believe you and Dillon had to listen to this obnoxious, homophobic, and sexist elephant shit. Oh well but that’s why you have this kind of job and not me. But seriously that guy is 51?! Christ, he really needs to grow the fuck up. But I do have to admit that Dillon’s a fucking riot, “now you give a shit about the children? What the fuck!” Ugh “Only in America” yeah because only there(Currently outside of US but I live there) can a bunch of homophobic and sexist twatwaffles make and call a big heap of elephant shit and call it fucking music.

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