“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift (MUES Reviews)


7 thoughts on ““Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift (MUES Reviews)”

  1. The only thing I know Mariska Hargitay was in was a cameo in The Love Guru; so I can safely say her appearance in this music video is a giant step up from that piece of shit movie.

    Also the other woman riding motorcycles with Swift was Jessica Alba, but who the hell cares since the music video is pretty stupid.

  2. Welvin da Great is the guy who started the “deez nuts” trend on Vine.

    And that’s awesome that Kendrick would make that his name for the video.

  3. What the fuck? This fucking song was so bad… It sounds terrible, the title is terrible, the music video is fucking stupid. A four year old could write a song and direct a video better than this!

  4. Goddamn it Mues, I’m trying to not wake anybody up with laughter after that “Dillon’s only contribution to the script *cuts to picture* Thanks asshole” Where the fuck did you take such a silly-ass picture of him? But anyway funny as fuck as always, Mues.

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