We’ve updates the site’s format for the first time in YEARS, and have been making sure the site is up to date with all our posts on YouTube and, occasionally, Dailymotion. We are still looking into adding a forum, but I’m not sure how much community engagement we’d get from it. Although we recently hit 25,000 subscribers, we’ve been hurting when it comes to views. Ironically, we were doing alot better on Blip before the site folded. We are always looking for donations and pledges to our Patreon page to keep us afloat. The original plan was to earn enough money for a new camera, but the one we are currently using, and have been since 2009, is still working very well and I think we can use that money more effectively. In addition to helping to pay bills and the like, we use Patreon money to boost FaceBook posts to ensure more people can see our updates. It’s shitty, but sometimes you’ve gotta play the game (mwah-huh-huh-huh-huh RIP Lemmy.) We offer some great pledge perks, but if you are unable to donate to our Patreon, there are always more ways to help out. We added a donation button to our YouTube page, but if monetary support is out of the question; watch and share our content. Spread the word and try to get your friends watching. I’ve always believed in the comedic quality of our videos. We just need more people watching. If you care enough to help us out, we’d greatly appreciate it.